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20th December 2009, 15:16
As always, I've enjoyed the twists and turns of my favourite crossword compiler, but have got stuck on this one:- "5 plant from 21 said to be on Cape Cod". I have H-A-N-S (7 letters). Should the clue have referred to Clue no.5, the answer is "ELEVATED" and Clue no. 21's answer is "HUMANISED". Also, I could find no reference to "QUOIST", obviously the answer to 4D, and can only assume that this is the name of a ringdove found in Scotland? Anyway, any help on the Cape Cod one, anybody?
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20th December 2009, 15:22
Answered elsewhere as hyannis
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20th December 2009, 15:27
It is quoist. Chambers gives a few alternatives - queest - quist - quoist
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20th December 2009, 15:43
Thanks, Aljanon and AJT. I haven't look elsewhere in the answers but it will save an effort. Chambers was the only one I didn't refer to, I think! I always find it amazing that Araucaria keeps coming up with all these new words and is never seemingly forced to repeat a word from a previous Xword when it could be so easy to do so. Now for yesterday's Times!
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20th December 2009, 15:49
He's my favourite, too. I always get a feeling of joyous anticipation when I see his name as setter - especially his alphabet xwords
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22nd December 2009, 21:11
new words?they're all there.chambers should be your bible.
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22nd December 2009, 21:41
Managed to finish Saturday's prize, including Malplaquet, but I still haven't fathomed the number and letter coding. Why all the 2bs - which were scientists, poets etc.? As ever Araucaria is an enigma, a national treasure!
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22nd December 2009, 23:28
1,2,3 etc are centuries
b,d are birth and death.
no letter is just date
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26th December 2009, 15:37
I achieved 'sansculotterie', and a very fair clue it is, but have failed to find the word referenced anywhere. Any suggestions?
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26th December 2009, 17:05
You should have looked in Chambers D! "A proposd name in honour of the most ardent revolutionaries for the supplementary days in the French revolutionary calendar"
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