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14th April 2013, 14:20
Ok folks,

I'll be sending out the words for the May edition this afternoon.
I have 13 members given me a YES up to now, which are:

aristophanes, AB, Busby, djawhufc, Redundantelf, BBM2, Syzygy, bobs mum, Emrach, Rosalind, Pastille.
Plus myself and Rossim (new setter)

Awaiting a confirmation nod from: ChrisE, peterm, Bullfrog, Greedy Kite, ixion, jws, Paul, and possibly Theambler
Also, any past setters or new members.

See ya soon, Les40
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14th April 2013, 15:11
Count me in Les
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greedy kite

14th April 2013, 16:49
Me,too, les (actually I said so already, but never mind!).
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14th April 2013, 17:09
Hi Les

I have received my words, thanks. Also to let you know ChrisE is on holiday and comes back on Tuesday x
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14th April 2013, 17:36
Sorry GK, I've already put you in anyway, just an oversight.
Cheers Emrach, I'll put Chris in then because I feel he may have told me in an email.

I'm going to make a new piece of criteria for the May puzzle, just so I don't have to write it on every email, could we try and keep anagram clues to a minimum this time, the reason is that we have 160 clues for this one and I wouldn't want half of these to be anagrams, I don't think we can include part anagram wordplay in this but rather the full anagrams, so without sounding too arsey with everyone, could we all keep our anagram quota to maybe no more than a quarter of the amount of clues received each.

I've sent out to Emrach, Pastille, Rosalind, Rossim and bobs mum. aristo.

I will be sending to more soon.
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14th April 2013, 19:08
I'm in, thanks Les.
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14th April 2013, 19:16
I'm sending a load out now to ixion, Djawhufc, redelf, AB, peterm & BBM2.
You should have them very soon guys.

Remember you have TWO WEEKS to tweak your clues, please try and send them back in one batch cus it's easier to deal with the emails.
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14th April 2013, 19:17
Yes please, Les!
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14th April 2013, 19:31
yes please, Les
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14th April 2013, 19:40
Thanks Les - words received
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