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22nd April 2013, 21:04
Just sent my clues Les. Hope they are up to scratch
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22nd April 2013, 21:34
My clues should be in your inbox as well, Les.
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22nd April 2013, 22:29
Stay cool guys - Les is building an office ...measure twice cut once etc ... probably seemed a good idea at the time :)
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23rd April 2013, 00:36
hiya Guys,

Marty is spot on, I've been at it most of the day and I can say it's looking pretty dapper. The new built in desk is brilliant, got my sparky friend in to run a couple of new double sockets in and just finished trudging everything upstairs. Had to go wireless now from my hub because it's plugged into the phone connection still for the blower downstairs, that caused a right balls up because I was hard wired and I didn't already have the drivers to connect so my next door neighbour (a tech man) has just spent an hour sorting it out. Only got a few things to do to finish off the job now like putting up a couple of pictures and maybe a pin board for all the bits of post-it notes and pending JE stuff. But on a whole I'm as happy as Larry (whoever Larry is)

I will be on a late shift tomorrow but don't worry, I will be doing bits of the JE as I get time this week.

Cheers for the clues, Les40
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23rd April 2013, 10:18
I'm sure others will have googled "happy as Larry" too. As usual, the origin seems obscure except it first appeared in print In New Zealand in 1875 when G. L. Meredith wrote "We'd be happy as Larry if it were not for the rats".
When I was there I was asked to search my rucksack for rats when landing on Ulva Island. Somehow I think one would know...though they are a terific pest and that island has been cleared of them.:-)) stunning place
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23rd April 2013, 10:47
Cheers Rosalind,

I've just fed back to some emails.

Syzzie, I will get to your reply later pal, I've run out of time and word calls I'm afraid

later, Les40
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24th April 2013, 01:48
I do apologise guys, I can't seem to access Gmail tonight to see any emails sent today, is anyone else finding it a problem?, I will try again as soon as I get chance.

Goodnight, Les40
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24th April 2013, 06:44
No worries, mate.
Was doing a little research on organic chemistry after work, then checked here.
Wednesday, I'll be back after midnight your time, then off for 3 days, so can work on any problems you have with my clues. (-;
Gmail is OK over here, though some fool with a backhoe took out a major fibre-optic cable wiping out half the phone, Internet, & TV service for Victoria & the lower Island on Monday. Fortunately, I have the other ISP.
Shows how vulnerable we are in our high-tech arrogance.
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26th April 2013, 00:44
Just caught up with emails and have fed back to most up to now
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