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19th April 2013, 00:04
I've got the emails from you who sent today, I'll feed back tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I'm off work tomorrow so will contact then
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20th April 2013, 09:10
Hi Les
Did you get my clues? I sent them on Thursday afternoon.
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20th April 2013, 09:16
Hi Les. Sent my first attempt 2 days ago. Hoping you have them.
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20th April 2013, 10:33
Yes I've got your emails and will feed back as soon as I can chaps, I got busy yesterday buying timber cus I'm converting the little bedroom into an office, well I say office but it's gonna be somewhere to put my computer and files with college stuff instead of everything being strewn around on shelves and in cupboards. I'm back at work now (today) and I'll be quite busy tonight visiting friends, but rest assured I will be back on with it soon. Remember that we still have plenty of time left.
If I get some spare time today, I'll try and feedback something, but to tell you the truth guys, I can't really give the JE my full attention when at work on this laptop. I don't want to rush around with emails and end up making mistakes, I like to spend time reading the clues carefully so to make respectful positive feedback to emails.
Hope that's ok.

Thanks, Les40
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20th April 2013, 10:47
Hi Les
Sorry - I didn't mean to sound like I was pushing you.

However, just an advance warning - I am away again for a week starting on the 28th. I'm sure that we will be able to sort things before that, though.
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21st April 2013, 22:49
Hi Les
Just to confirm Im out for June as well
Ill ring you when
All The best
Thea raymond
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21st April 2013, 23:53
Cheers Thea,

Everyone else, i will catch up with you all this week, not been at home most of the weekend so haven't had chance to work on the JE.

I could do with one more setter if anyone new is interested, I've tried a couple of our past setters via email but not heard a thing back.

Thanks and take care, Les40
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22nd April 2013, 21:04
Just sent my clues Les. Hope they are up to scratch
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22nd April 2013, 21:34
My clues should be in your inbox as well, Les.
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22nd April 2013, 22:29
Stay cool guys - Les is building an office ...measure twice cut once etc ... probably seemed a good idea at the time :)
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