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6th April 2013, 11:34
stuck with 72, 73, 87 90 and 93!!! Any extra help would be good!
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6th April 2013, 12:01
Hi Jul,
72 - fictional detective with "Very British" first name!
73 - degree abbreviation + U(niversity) + dr + on + s(mall) (then look up resulting word - I had never heard of it!)
87 - subject of C&W song
90 Another word for hair with American soldier inserted backwards.
93 Anagram of deer came then look up synonym for resulting word.

In return Please can I have a clue for 18 - I don't have Chambers 10th edition and am absolutely stumped by this one.
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6th April 2013, 12:35
Hello Sumarmak. Yes I was stumped on no.18 but have now got a 10th edition dictionary which gave me the answer straightaway! Without giving you the actual answer, the clue in the dictionary says "the eighteenth letter in the modern English alphabet is sometimes called this". Hope this helps.
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6th April 2013, 14:26
Many Thanks Jul, I would never have got that without your help! Hope my clues helped you and if you need any more help just let me know.
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6th April 2013, 14:29
Sorry, just replied to the wrong person!! I should read the messages properly. I have now completed all clues, but some I am not 100% sure on so will carry on researching!.
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6th April 2013, 17:23
I see you are enjoying your new 10th edition dictionary haeremai18 !
I have finished (I think) but I am still uncertain of my answers to 12 and 28 so I am keeping my eyes open for any queries re these two questions.
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8th April 2013, 08:32
Regarding the missing Palman and clue 28.....I know Palman is sitting chuckling at the thought of us all waiting for the hint! I have, like others, tried anagrams....SHE TO DANES makes headstones, don't think that is frustrating.
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8th April 2013, 11:26
I've been playing around with an anagram of danes ending es, with another s to make a female ending for 'she', but I think I want a dog not a cat...
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8th April 2013, 11:35
Now I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel....found someone called Claire Danes who stars in Homeland. Not a programme I've ever seen, and looking at Wiki and Imdb I can't immediately see an possibility of an answer. If anyone has any suggestions.....
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8th April 2013, 18:49
thanks to a brainstorming session last night I have only 45,54,71 and 73 to do!
Help needed though!
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