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27th March 2013, 07:20
Thank you, Cantersue and Wally. That was one of the clues where I write in the answer with no real idea where it came from ! mags.
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27th March 2013, 14:42
I have found this one difficult, of course!! Such as No 2 Down - TV adventurer. Also the one across about night (I think) entertainment. Sorry haven`t got the clues with me and also, as the library is closing for 4 days, I probably wont be able to get your responses till next week.

Frightful cold weather here. I keep wondering about Pipesmoker on the Isle of Cumbrae. We keep hearing about the terrible snow conditions on Isle of Arran, just nextdoor to his island and I presume they are likewise affected.

Happy Easter to one and all.
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27th March 2013, 14:51
Happy Easter Mondrian
2d TV adventurer on ITV . "hears cook"= sounds like Grill) + (grizzly or polar *****)
18d is an anagram of "smile en route" (night-time entertainment with illuminations)
HOpe this helps. J
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27th March 2013, 14:57
Jazzgirl to the rescue yet again!! Many thanks. That is something to work on. Roll on Easter and some better weather.
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27th March 2013, 22:55
Good evening, All. Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, Mondrian, we did actually have lying snow, high winds, ferry off etc. Just some of the joys of island life. Happily, we didn't suffer as badly as Arran, but still bad enough to warrant a wee whine.

Crossword not too bad this week, but, while I got the one about arriving, erosion etc, I still didn't know why.

Just back from the Southern General Hotel where I shared a room with a former banker. He was a particularly well organised sort of being, whose life runs to a set pattern each day. Quite the opposite from myself. There seemed to be unusually long gaps between infusion bottles getting changed, so that gave him a fine opportunity to tell me his routine in painstaking (an painfu) l detail. By the time he had described his four cereal breakfast,with banana (sometimes two), sliced up and put on top, I was climbing the wall - and I thought I was boring.

I hope all are well, and surviving the weather. According to the fore cast, it should be springtime by the end of April. here's hoping.

Best wishes for now.

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28th March 2013, 10:37
Thanks everyone for much appreciated tips. Chuckled over your 'Hotel' encounter Pipes..! Think I've met the chap you describe..(there's a lot of 'em about.!) Keep well and warm...and a Happy Easter fellow R-Timers...(Bore-chilly-da Mags..!) R :>x
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29th March 2013, 16:39
Hi Folks, i hope you're all well and not frozen.
Can anyone please give me a clue for 6D. Forward to home city ?E?T?
I booked to go away in a caravan next week. I must be mad.
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29th March 2013, 16:41
"Forward" describes a type of behaviour. The definition is city (there are two of them that I know of, a very long way apart).
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29th March 2013, 16:56
Thanks Chrise, the answer hasn't occured to me yet. I'll continue to ponder.
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29th March 2013, 16:58
"Home" is just H (not sure I'm too happy about that).
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