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19th March 2013, 17:00
Hi again Jolan. I'm going with-

1) BIGWIG - Somebody....BIG (enormous) WIG (shock/hair)

2) DAYS OF AWE - High Holidays.. SOFA (for lounging) in anag (version) A DEWY

3) MAN JACK - Single ....MAN (individual) JACK (lift)
Man & Jack are fellows

4) GET SOMEONE'S GOAT - Bug ....GETS (obtains) OM
(order) E (first expand) ONES ( individual numbers)
GO AT (attack vigorously)

5) CHOCK- A - BLOCK - Packed... HOCK (pop) into CAB
(PSV) with LOCK (bolt)
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19th March 2013, 17:00
Only two to offer (again)

1. Bigwig (a somebody)

5. Chock-a-block (packed)
(pop = hock, bolt=lock, PSV =cab)

Having a bad brain day again, but
Good fun. Thanks jolan x

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19th March 2013, 17:00
1- BIGWIG (self-evident)
2- DAYS OF AWE sofa in version of "a dewy"
3- ONE SPOT? one "lifting up" other number ones (TOPS)?
5- CHOCK-A-BLOCK hock in cab, lock
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19th March 2013, 17:05
Ah. Should have known it would be a Britishism. Mine works too! :)
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19th March 2013, 17:06
Lovely clues, jolan - thanks again. I'm sorry that I didn't have more time to look at them today (I did consider BARNET for #1, but yours is very much better!)

Chock-a-block is originally a sailing expression. It means that the sail has been hoisted (by the halyard) so that it reaches the top pulley or "block".
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19th March 2013, 17:06
1-- Bigwig
5-- Chock-a-block
That's all I'm afraid but an improvement on last week.
Thanks Jolan
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19th March 2013, 17:12
Thanks, jolan - I got 1,2 and 5
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19th March 2013, 17:18

In addition, hi to Jazzy, Emrach, Rossim, RE (get welll soon), Ari, Tont (all correct with explanstions), Rambler and Andyc.

Good solving for many this week. I'll include my working (not really necessary). I've already pasted it in and am writing on top, so I'll leave it there.

Thanks again for taking part. There'd be no 5@5 without you excellent solvers. Bless. John

1. (crypt) BIGWIG

2. it’s for lounging on = sofa; a dewy (version of) = day we; yielding:- day(sofa)we = DAYS OF AWE = High Holidays (Chambers)

3. (crypt) MAN JACK. (e.g., every man jack/every single individual). The cryptic bit is “a man jack could lift up men (fellows)”

4. (charade) obtains = gets; order = OM; first expand = e; individual numbers = ones; attack vigorously = go at; yielding:- GETS SOMEONE’S GOAT = bugs one

5. pop = hock; a type of P(ublic) S(ervice) V(ehicle) = cab; bolt = lock; yielding:- c(hock)ab lock = CHOCK-A-BLOCK = packed
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19th March 2013, 17:21
Thanks Jolan kept me going all afternoon and still couldn't get number 4. All the best. Andy
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19th March 2013, 17:26
Hi Jolan

Only got No1 but really enjoyed trying Take Care x
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