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1st May 2013, 11:15
Thanks calliewag for that advice I will go through it again with a fine tooth comb & if necessary read all the clues again. Having got this far after so many hours spent on it I am determined to get it right, of course there is always the possibility I have some incorrect answers.
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4th May 2013, 20:50
winnie I have found my mistake after several more hours of frustration. So now have 50 cats & 50 dogs !!!!!
Best Wishes & Good Luck.
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4th May 2013, 21:22
Thanks for letting me know puzzled. I've just written up the copy that I send to Neville Mizen - so I guess that it is until the next time. Hope to meet up again then and thanks for the friendship. x
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10th May 2013, 23:59
thanks all. am still stuck on no. 47. really stuck. have tried all sorts of combinations of mute and beat and still cant get it. really need help now.. last one help...........
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