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3rd April 2013, 22:09
Winnie. A million thanks to you again. Will let you know if and when I solve No.18 when I get my new dictionary. Til then ........
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3rd April 2013, 22:14
Hi sumarmak
18 & 94. just given hints to haeremai18
1. sack = bag + turn up to pu + abbreviation for sea going vessel
62. William is 'Just William' google his friends
71. Think of sport where there are tackles - relate this to Argentina
88. When silence comes back - a word for'noise' added to a word for 'leaves'
14.Anagram of 2,3 and 4th words
Hope this helps
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3rd April 2013, 23:01
Thanks a million Winnie, Finally got 14 but anagram of words 1,2,3!
Thought I knew all of William's pals, but can't fathom this one. I must be brain dead as I can't make any sense of hints to 18 (and haven't got the right dictionary). As to a sport where there are tackles - I can't think of many sports that don't involve this - even fishing!!!
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4th April 2013, 18:47
Hey Palman
This is no time to back off !! Since you stated quite categorically that kennelmaid is incorrect, I've been waiting for your promised clue. Don't let me down!
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4th April 2013, 22:25
Please provide another clue and put us out of our misery!!! Agree that kennelmaid seems wrong, also the anagram PANCHSHEEL does not make sense...a complex in New Delhi. Losing sleep about this clue......bound to be so bleeding obvious....please help!!!
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4th April 2013, 22:31
I was trying to get my head round that anagram too, but with the same result; it doesn't appear to be relevant.
I still have five to go, but can't really help anyone else out, as clues have already been given for all the answers I have. So I won't ask (for the moment, anyway!)
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5th April 2013, 10:24
Hi Winnie. Just received my Chambers 10th edition and now have the answer to no.18. I have never heard of that so it was well worth my purchase!! Lets hope it helps the next time round. Til then ..... thanks again and au revoir!!!
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5th April 2013, 10:34
Hi haeremai18.
Thanks for letting me know . 'Bliss' with clue 18- it was new to me too.
The dictionary will turn out to be invaluable in the future and I'm sure we will be in touch again. Bye!
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6th April 2013, 12:08
Any thoughts on a couple of clues which have not popped up as yet i.e. Numbers 41,Oriental during Dynasty etc and 45 Man went round river. I am sure the second one is simple but then so is my brain.

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6th April 2013, 12:39
Hi Delta. Not 100% sure of no.41 myself but my answer is the name of a Chinese dish? Re no.45 - two letters short for mister and enclose the name of a Yorkshire river in between them. Hope this helps?
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