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2nd April 2013, 18:02
Thanks again WINNIE. Manage to solve all on p1 with your help apart from No 18. Stumped on this one?? Any help with the remaining ones listed below would be great. Also would love to know where I can get a Chambers 10th Edition

18. R for Rottweiler? (3,6) Clues: Look in dictionary at very beginning of R words? STILL STUCK ON THIS One. Is it REX/ something?
37. Contemptible scoundrels start to harass or unduly nag, disturbing someone. (6) 40. Proficient Sherpas are given scrambled bird's egg with tea. (5,6) Clues: Anagram of BIRDSEGGTEA – searched in different sites but no luck ???
43. Boot forked in garden by mysterious, dark man with hod? A curious incident. (10)
44. Subject of film seen in cinemas leaping backwards for joy! (4)
47. Beat back a speechless actor often out on the pull ..... (8)
Clues: Another word for SPEECHLESS = DUMB? ??????
61. Camera came out to get revolutionary hunter who uses scent ..(5) Clues: Take CAME out of Camera = RA + hunter???
63. A pool for the cat. (5)
64. Limited space in a car owing to Tom's movement. (4,2,5,1,3)
69. Miss Woodhouse pursued the sheep back to the seaside marshland. (7) Clues: Anagram of BARBARA + RAM (too many letters) BABS? + RAM (???)
81. I have gone into Connecticut to meet the perfume producer. (5)
92. ..... but elderly Tony, due more change, was blessed. (3,11) Is this OLD ………… ?
94. Animals that caused an argument during church service. (8) Is this L……S ? = CHURCH/part SERvice. Not sure where the L comes in ?
98. Domestic creature with nothing apart from dressing-gown. (5,3 DRESSING GOWN = ROBE . Is it an anagram of ROBE+O+ ??????
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2nd April 2013, 18:42
I'm having seconds thoughts about my answer to 12.
Anagram of 1st 3 words gives name of song writer who composed a song called L----- P---- (another name for saxifrage I know) but the answer is a very tenuous link to cats and dogs. What does anyone else think or is there a better clue please.
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2nd April 2013, 19:23
Hi Winnie. I still think it is L..... P.... mainly because the P word is to do with lions and of course the alternative name for saxifrage
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2nd April 2013, 19:54
Hi haeremai18 Try these hints:-
37.start of harrass = h, unduly nag = anagram of nag and go from there
40 Is anagram of birds egg tea ( On line Chambers word wizard)
43. Google 'a curious incident'
44 is 4 consecutive letters in the clue written backwards
47.speechless = mute
61 try using cam'ERA C'ame + h (hunter)
63 Pool is a sport or game
64. anagram of 4,5,6,7,and 8th words
69 Google Miss Woodhouse for her first name +
sheep back = ram (backwards)
Re Chambers dictionary, they are a bit pricey - try second hand book shops or amazon maybe.
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2nd April 2013, 22:06
Thanks again Winnie. Am working on your clues and have got 43, 44, 64 and 69 but still struggling with others. Have used Chambers Word Wizard for BIRDSEGGTEA but it comes up with no anagram! Will have another go again tomorrow but will no doubt come back for your help if I may?
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3rd April 2013, 09:55
Hi Winnie. If you have a Chambers 10th edition, which I am sure you have, could you please give me the ISBN number? Amazon have very few Chambers but have several but they do not say which edition but do give an ISBN number. Onwards and hopefully upwards with your clues!!
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3rd April 2013, 10:11
Hi haeremai18 re Chambers dictionary 10th edition
It's ISBN is 0-550-10185-3. Hope you can get one .
Neville Mizen - author of the quiz does state that this dictionary is the main ( but not sole) source of reference for definitions .
I'm sure we will be in touch some more.
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3rd April 2013, 12:35
Hi Winnie
I got same answer as you for 12, and applied the same logic to confirm 28 as kennelmaid. However, Palman thinks differently (see his note at 210). He's keeping us in suspense!
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3rd April 2013, 13:38
If you feel the answer is kennelmaid,dont let me put you off.
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3rd April 2013, 14:18
I thought no 98 was house cat ,thinking of house coat for dressing gown minus the O.
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