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26th February 2013, 17:55
Hi, chrise and jazzgirl. Yes,, Aural was my first thought, but test in question is more of the sort that you will find in the High Court (without being too specific!!).

Hope this helps.

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26th February 2013, 17:57
Thanks for your help, pipesmoker - but we did both correct ourselves!
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26th February 2013, 17:57
Yes, Mr P, I had to change it when I realised 8a didn't fit !
Hope you are well. J
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night owl

1st March 2013, 06:16
Hello everyone. I haven't fallen off my perch, I've been here all the time but until my daughter "cleaned" my PC it wouldn't let me post. Surprised how some struggled with RT9. I find them all difficult but I managed to do it eventually with no tips. Not so this week - it didn't help that I have never heard of the word "tiro".
I normally get my RT in the post on a Tuesday but for 3 weeks now it has been a day late - is this happening to anyone else?
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1st March 2013, 12:30
Can't for the life of me work out 19 down, only 5 letters and I have 2 of them but the other three aren't coming ! Is it me or there a new compiler as each week seems to have more obscure clues and answers, i.e 16A
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1st March 2013, 12:35
Put a B in another word upwards (that is more usually spelled differently than here, I think)
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1st March 2013, 14:50
Many thanks, it all becomes clear.....sort of. I too had never come across 'tiro' before.
If nothing else the RT broadens ones vocabulary !!
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1st March 2013, 14:53
I was surprised to find that Chambers gives the two spellings equal status - I am only familiar with the Y form.
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2nd March 2013, 10:29
Hello all. We seem to be very depleted numbers this week. Thanks to you all for the birthday greetings on last weeks post.. In answer I did not go to Jamie Olivers`s parents restaurant, I think that was Magworth who also had a birthday. Have been to Jamie Olivers bistro in Glasgow and vg it is too. My own birthday treat will be for later this month when my daughter is taking me for an overnight stay at Gleneagles Hotel - famous for its golf and G8 summit a few years ago!!

Meantime am stuck on 16A New trousseau without gold or silk (9). Also re14D Is that a German sausage that I have never heard of before? AS with someone else I was stuck on 19D and had to read chrise`s suggestion. Thanks for that.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather.
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2nd March 2013, 10:33
Hi mondrian
Glorious day today - is spring here?
16a Take one of the 2-letter abbreviations for gold out, then anagram the remainder - def. "silk"
14d I have a quite well-known German sausage.
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