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26th February 2013, 19:02
PLEB by any chance, tony?
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26th February 2013, 19:45
That's right chrise.

A topical clue I thought.
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26th February 2013, 21:14
Well done Chrise. Again, nioce to see you again Tony. Liked those wee clues.
Although not necessary, I append my working as help to those starting cryptics.

1. angel = backer; light (v) = burn; back(burn)er = BACK-BURNER adj (fig) = not requiring immediate attention (Chambers D).


3. anag (departure) of “cloaking thug’s” = LAUGHING-STOCK = butt

4. (crypt). P = parking (Chambers Dict). DOUBLE-PARKING = obstructive behaviour

5. ....... to see It. It’s a PALINDROME

Thanks for the kind comments.

Bless you all till next week.


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