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24th February 2013, 20:09
Go on give it a go.
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bobs mum

25th February 2013, 09:27
to the top
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25th February 2013, 09:38
Nice post, thanks. I do sometimes look in at them but rarely post as its usually during work.
I may give some a go soon
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25th February 2013, 10:07
Good Morning Chelle

Thanks for replying and I hope you are well. That darn work getting in the way !!! I think many are working and of course have other commitments and even the weather can dictate the numbers for clue chain. Amazing how many more played when they were snowed in.

Take Care
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25th February 2013, 21:53
Bumping up but also a question. Realky nice posts asking for more people to join in with regular activities on here, which is appreciated, but regarding Joint Effort, it seems details are emailed out so may be useful for new people to have info on how to be included if they wish?
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25th February 2013, 22:04
Hi Chelle

Just popped in - I'm not on this all the time honest gov. You are quite right about JE and if you look further down there is thread Joint effort feb/March 2013 (it has around 26 replies). If you go on it it gives a far more detailed explaination and also Les40's email address. He sending out words just now but has kept a few back for anyone who wants to give it a go. I have never done it before but have requested just one word for my first go. (most are getting three) Hope this helps. :)
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25th February 2013, 22:12
Hi emrach
Thank you for that, hope I didn't sound like too much of a moaner!
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25th February 2013, 22:12
To save you loking for it

Well everyone,

It's that time again and whilst I have a good audience (all eagerly awaiting the PR winner) I'll take this opportunity to say "Are you in for the next Joint Effort"

I have noticed that we have a few new regulars from around the globe so I will also take this time to explain the JE to them.

The Joint Effort is a crossword puzzle so called because it is exactly that, it is a crossword that has clues composed by the forum members jointly inputting their uniquely styled word craft to their own pre-selected clue words.
Basically, I create a grid and then work out from the amount of words in the grid how many clue words each setter gets.
For instance: If the grid has 54 clue words and we have 18 forum setters, then each setter will receive 3 words each to clue. (3X18=54)
Then, when I have sent the clue words to your email, you then in turn try your best to find a suitable cryptic clue for each of those words and send them back to me with an explanation of your wordplay for ease of indentifying the structure of how your clue is going to work and read within the final print (This also helps with the final wordplay file compiled by AB)
I will in turn reply to you with feedback of your word play, this can sometimes be a thumbs up for a marvellous clue or a requirement of extra explanation because I just don't get it or a suggestion of improvement by way of a slight change or tweak in your original wording for an improvement in ease or difficulty of the clue or surface reading.
To get involved in the clue setting, you will have to send me your email address to my forum address below.
I have been publishing this crossword for 13 months now and think that tells you that the email address and my own confidential values of others private data is intact and not corrupt. So if you trust the process, then why not get involved.

It will be good to get back on board a few regulars that missed out last month too.

I am going to wait until I know how many are involved before I create the grid this time so that everyone who applies for clues will get something to work on.

You can respond on this thread or send me an email if you're a new clue setter to:

Looking forward to the response. Be good and take care

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25th February 2013, 22:16

No you don't sound like a moaner at all I should have put Les40's description and contact details on.

I believe he helps with tweaking etc so at least I will get feedbck lol

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25th February 2013, 22:29
Hello Chelle,

Yeh Emrach is right, and if you don't quite trust the email process then just create a new email address for the purpose of the Joint Effort. I have room for a few more yet (3 more people can yet come in and have 3 words each)

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