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13th February 2013, 18:46
Hi everyone - didn't take part but I thought the clues were brilliant this week. Well done Greedy Kite. And a tip for the brain games using a mouse often gives you a better score for drag and drop and clicking on etc x
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13th February 2013, 19:00
Hi gk - you are a discerning and deserving winner so if chrise can't help for next week, then I am more than happy to offer my services if required.

btw - chrise @4 was also a very close front runner and thanks chris for the mention @34 - I think ab can rest easily for champion of brevity lol
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greedy kite

13th February 2013, 19:07
Yes, #4 was the one I meant, redundantelf: I thought it was unbeatable actually!
Many thanks for your offer, in case chris doesn't see my plea.That would solve my problem.
Do I remember rightly when you "joined the club" you indicated which town you live near down under? Sorry, I've forgotten the name : I love looking up places on maps!
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13th February 2013, 19:08
I'm more than ready to be taken advantage of, GK

Well done. I was trying to work something round de Pope's phone, VAT 69. A great whisky, I'm told
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13th February 2013, 19:14
Hi gk - I think you're possibly confusing me with busby who indeed lives 'down under'. I'm firmly based in Shropshire.
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13th February 2013, 19:18
Just seen this, GK
I would be very happy to help, but, weather permitting, we have arranged to meet a friend for a walk on Tuesday, so I may be out.
It shouldn't be too difficult to do, though, GK.
1. Highlight all of RE's opening posting, then press Ctrl+C at the same time to copy the text to memory.
2. Open your word-processor, create a new document, click in it, then press Ctrl+V to paste it.
3. Edit out what you don't need, and add your word/phrase. Save the document.
4. Next Tuesday, open the document again. HIghlight all, Ctrl+C to copy.
5. Create "new thread" in the forum. Entitle it CLUELESS (whatever - I've forgotten the number)
6. Click in the "Your message" frame and press Ctrl+V.
7. "Update information"

This sounds much more complicated than it is!
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13th February 2013, 19:19
Rosiland will you behave.... Ready to be taken advantage off......seriously......what are you like?

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13th February 2013, 19:19
btw thanks to GK and RE for the mentions of my offering!
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13th February 2013, 19:22
Re post #4: in retrospect I thought "this calls for a conclave" would have been better!
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13th February 2013, 19:32
Congratulations , greedy kite
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