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11th February 2013, 22:54
So glad you are home safe, sound and happy...

I really struggled with this Joint effort, like Rossie only got about 20%.... I am no great solver, found it a bit of an " effort" I realise my clues will probably seen as very easy...and I'm glad..I got them....

Still love it though...
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11th February 2013, 23:01
I like aristo's idea for clues which do have a definition, but they don't all.
My idea is to have a hint list you definitely have to "request" so, if like me you could hardly get started, you'd have some help without asking on the Forum, which can spoil it for others.
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11th February 2013, 23:21
Ok Ros, I'll think something up for a seperate facility for hints, however, anyone can contact me for hints, it was just a bit awkward this time cus I wasn't around to help.
We will certainly sort something for the next one, maybe post a dropbox file for the hints a couple of days after publishing the crossword, I don't want to do it straight away so it gives time for people to complete it without any help because some solvers prefer that.
What do you think?
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11th February 2013, 23:26
Why not just open a "hints" thread after a suitable interval as you would for any crossword?

The hint could come from the setter or someone who has already solved that particular clue.
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12th February 2013, 00:42
That sounds ok ixion, we'll leave it for two days from publish and then open the hints page. Does that seem fair
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12th February 2013, 09:48
Yes, that seems a good compromise. I may not try until after it's possible to access hints! But the really clever peeps (you know who you are!) can then complete unaided.
I know we can usually ask you for hints, Les and that's great. But I wouldn't have wanted to bother you with as much help as I needed last time. I'm shy that way!!!!
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12th February 2013, 12:35
How would you be able to look at just the hint that you wanted? Short of the messy method of starting a separate thread for each clue, a compromise might be for each setter to post a thread with clues to the ones that he or she had set.
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