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10th February 2013, 18:04
Hi everyone,

I got back yesterday and had a fantastic time in France, plenty of good snowboarding with lots of powder snow and some really good and challenging runs.
However, back to business (reality) now

I know AB typed out all the wordplay on a thread but here is the original wordplay file he sent me for anyone who wants to download and print it off as I know some of you do.
Also, here is the Solution page too.

Hope you all enjoyed it and I will be back with the next one in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again to all who got involved. Les40
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10th February 2013, 18:10
Sorry aristo, didn't realise you were havin problems with the snow. I'm banging on about my snowboarding holiday and you're having serious weather disruptions with the same stuff, it just shows how the same stuff can have such opposite outcomes.
Hope you're coping ok with it pal and it's not incapacitating you too much over there.
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11th February 2013, 09:21
Glad it went well, Les. Thanks again for all your efforts.
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11th February 2013, 09:31
Welcome back to sunny Lancashire, les - I'm pleased you had a good time. Thanks again for a very interesting JE - what an inventive (and difficult!) grid.
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bobs mum

11th February 2013, 09:41
Hi Les u were lucky to get home, as hubby and i r in France at the moment and all the airports on the east are now closed due to the snow. We had a lot whilst driving down yesterday but at the moment we just have yucky sleet--but that could change quite quickly.

Not sure if i will around for clue chain this afternoon chrise -- may pop in however just to make sure u r all behaving yourselves lol
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11th February 2013, 12:23
Glad you're safely back, Les. You could probably snowboard here at the moment!
I could only do about 20% of the recent JE. I think it would be good if people could submit a hint with each clue, only accessible at a separate Dropbox address. I don't think there is much support for this, but it is disheartening to do so little of a crossword to which you already know 3 answers!
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bobs mum

11th February 2013, 15:21
I am 100% with Ros on this one could we have a vote?
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11th February 2013, 21:39
Hiya bobs mum,
We flew to and from Geneva in Switzerland and drove over the border to France with no airport disruptions at all, maybe we were just lucky.

Hiya Ros
That sounds doable, how would you suggest how to work it?
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11th February 2013, 21:53
Glad to hear you got back in one piece, Les.
Perhaps it could be something as simple as posting a file that reveals which parts of the clues are definitions. It seems as if clue-setters are rather forthcoming with other hints if they're asked.
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11th February 2013, 22:54
So glad you are home safe, sound and happy...

I really struggled with this Joint effort, like Rossie only got about 20%.... I am no great solver, found it a bit of an " effort" I realise my clues will probably seen as very easy...and I'm glad..I got them....

Still love it though...
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