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8th February 2013, 21:48
Brilliant, syzygy

They have had a lot of snow in South Wales this winter!
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8th February 2013, 23:33
Saw this the other day....brilliant....been singing " in the depot" they said Elvis has left the depot....oh yes he has.......x
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9th February 2013, 09:52
Your weather keeps hitting our news headlines...I hope you are managing to stay safe and have enough supplies to see you through. Take care!

(Just to make you envious, the forecast here is for 29 C tomorrow!)
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9th February 2013, 13:14
Yikes! The wind apparently got even worse while we slept. When we woke up our house was in Antarctica.
We've got 27 inches so far, and we're expecting several more. Never lost power though!
kiwikid: Envy loses some of its vital spontaneity when you have to translate from C to F first.
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9th February 2013, 14:06
At minus 40 they are the same!
Glad you are ok and haven't lost power.
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9th February 2013, 15:19
Where in NZ are you, kiwikid?
My fav place in the world (well, not the built-up areas)
Stewart Island especially but there are so many other beautiful places.
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9th February 2013, 15:29
Ah! I wondered where you were K at that temperature.

It doesn't sound to good for Aristo though. Snow can look pretty but that's about all!
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10th February 2013, 05:24
Rosalind - sorry for the delay replying, have been at work all day (yes, I know it's Sunday!) I am in Christchurch, the shaky city. It used to be known as The Garden City, but some wag suggested it now should be The City of Cranes!
Hope everyone continues to be safe, warm and dry! xx
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10th February 2013, 09:46
aristo- some really dramatic pictures of the snow. Including one chap in his underwear in a New York Street! Hope you still have power.
Kiwikid- was in ChCh in Jan 2011, my friend was ringing at the Cathedral. They were told to get under the table in case of an earthquake!
The city hadn't really started to get over the previous quake. Must be very difficult for everyone, but especially those involved with the tourist trade
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