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norah (admin)

3rd February 2013, 10:03
I do not understand the posts by Jazzgirl who says "I (and others no doubt) have asked admin. to do "the necessary" but they say it will not help". What I said was that I had banned the user and his IP but that he could go to another computer and reregister under a new user name and there is little we can do about this.

Jazzgirl then says "We all know there is another way to cure this problem. But admin. are not doing so , at the moment. " If you know there is another way to solve the problem, then please let me know what it is rather than criticising me on a post. I have done all I can and am working hard to solve the problem on a week-end away at 10am on Sunday morning!

If anyone adds any posts, I may not see then until later today. We are now going out for a family breakfast.
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3rd February 2013, 10:14
I am sorry but I have re-read the emails and I cannot find anywhere that says the user's IP had been banned. If that email did not arrive, then I apologize unreservedly. I was not criticising admin. just could not understand why a complete ban had not been made (but I now understand that was done) I am off the site for the rest of the weekend.
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3rd February 2013, 10:19
I don't understand all the fuss. His posts are very easy to ignore because they are all titled "Watch this that or the other show online". Obviously nothing to do crosswords and therefore not worth clicking on.
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film fan

3rd February 2013, 12:00
This Larry has clearly never seen THE IMPOSSIBLE for all his rubbish ad as the parents are Maria and Henry and they have three sons.
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norah (admin)

3rd February 2013, 13:07
I think I have now deleted all of the Larry rubbish. Apologies for the delay, we went out for a family breakfast (very nice it was too). Please continue to let me know of any spam posts and I will delete them and ban the user as soon as possible.
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3rd February 2013, 13:10
Thank you.
Grateful to you for taking the time and trouble, especially at the weekend , to fix this.
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