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gok wan acolytes

2nd February 2013, 14:07
I thought you could use a throwaway email address.

here goes

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2nd February 2013, 14:22
Thank you GWA. I see MY last group is LNNL while yours is NLNL. I'm late for an appointment now, so I'll try using your kindly supplied pattern tommrrow to try to sort out my o/O problem. If it works, I'll post a further reply. I'm very grateful. Thank's again. John
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3rd February 2013, 14:14
Well GWA! I can't thank you enough. A short while ago I tried following your letter/number format (using my own last group). I was delighted when the input code was accepted first try. The installation went ahead without a hitch.

Once again, than you for your kindness


PS. The "missing letter" problem seems worse today. I had to make four additions to the above. I don't want to intall Google Chrome but may hjave to. It's funny the 'missing letter (an space)' problem only appears on this site.

The quik browm fox jmped over the lazydog.

FAR WORSE today!
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gok wan acolytes

3rd February 2013, 14:35
I'm glad you're up and running again!

I was going to come on today and offer you my code anyway, since its seems the CD version is no longer available commercially except for a few copies being sold by private sellers. More's the pity, since it is a nifty piece of software, IMHO.

I'm just about to start the Mephisto, and I always have the programme open to check the many obscure words I encounter.

I do use Chrome occasionally when IE is playing up,and I will have to in future for this site, as I too am having the missing letter problem, and its crashed both my home and works computers several times.

Good luck. Eddie aka GWA
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