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2nd February 2013, 12:57
HELP! I'm going nuts.

I must reinstall my copy of Chambers D & T on CD. I installed it many years ago on my, now defunct computer but forget how I managed to do it. The problem is the (apparantly well-known) problem of the registration/licence number, dot-printed appallingly badly, on the CD package. Mine is:

Each "I" has a short bar top and bottom so they could be capital i's. That's hardly likely, some, or all, could be the number 1. The zeros or capital o's are worse.
The number of combitions on could use is huge.
I've tried CHD0-0701-001C-V36U, using 0 = zero, and several other combinations getting "invalid registration number" each time.

I'm hoping some of you good people have recently installed this product and remember (or have noted) the system of letters/numbers Chambers have used. I have purchased a perfectly legal copy but cannot install it.

PS. Has anyone noticed that when typing fast on this new format some of the letters do not appear? I have to go back thrugh anyting I type to fill in th mising letters This does not happen in any other. application.

There's an "s" and an "e" missing in the above para. Usually it's more.
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2nd February 2013, 13:03
Hi jolan
Sorry, I can't help with your Chambers problem (and even the "Word Wizard" seemed to be down this morning).

However I had a lot of problems with missing letters when the new format started - bizarrely it seemed I had to hit the keys harder (can't think of any plausible reason for this). However when I changed to Chrome this was much (not totally) improved.
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2nd February 2013, 13:12
I'm sorry Jolan but I can't help you with your particular problem. However, I've also cursed the fact that registration numbers use zeros and ones. The O (15th letter) is usually rounder than the 0 (zero).
I'm also having a problem typing on this forum and have to press a bit harder and/or type slower than usual.
Good luck.
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2nd February 2013, 13:17
chrise - the "word wizard" is still down for me
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2nd February 2013, 13:27
Thank you Chrise, Rossim and Sudo. I'll wait t see ifanyone else has found a pattern of number and letters. I'll telephone Hodder Educaton on Monday or Tuesday. It would seem they've taken over Chambers from Harrap. We'll see.

Re the missing letters. Methinks I'll start another thread to Norah. It only happens on the new-format site.
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gok wan acolytes

2nd February 2013, 13:34
Each copy must have an individual code .

I don't think giving you my code will help, because I presume it links to a copy on the CD. I would be unwilling to do so anyway.

Every single 0 on my copy has a strike through which must be a Zero.

I agree the code is very poor quality. I'm almost blind in one eye, and long sighted in th other, so I'm permantly reaching for the magnifying glass.

PS Those missing letters when you type are VERY annoying.

I'm sure with perseverance you will get there. I've had to reinstall my copy a couple of times, and its worked.
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gok wan acolytes

2nd February 2013, 13:38
Actually, if you can provide an email address, I'm willing to send you my code to see if works.
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gok wan acolytes

2nd February 2013, 13:55
I'm off out now. I'll check in later.
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2nd February 2013, 14:02
Thanks a mllion GWA. As you can see from my original post, I have my own unique registration number. Thanks for the offer but we're warned not to put emai addess up for general access. I'm sure, yours would not work with my CD anyway.

As there are NO crossed O's on my package, I've no idea where the capital o or zero appears. I also cannot distinguish between 1 and capital i

I'd be VEY gradeful if you could spare a minute to list where the numbers and letters appear on yours using L = letter and N = number. I'll then try with mine.

eg. my reg no. CHDO-070I-00IC-V36U
I've (among many others) tried LLLN-NNNN-NNNL-NNL. The last group is obvious, of course This, and others, have failed.

Thanking you in anticipaion

PS. I've had to go back throgh (the missing "u") this post to add about 8 missing letters) I wonder if Norah knows?
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2nd February 2013, 14:04
That last group should be LNNL.

I'll refer Norah here aout the missig!!! letters
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