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greedy kite

2nd February 2013, 17:41
The trouble when s'one else voices a problem on this forum is that you tend to re-re-check what you've got yourself, so now I, too, am wondering whether what I've got for 24d is correct, tho' I really can't find anything better! Would LIT perhaps like to make clear whether the comma makes a difference? Sounds ridiculous, but we've got to the stage obviously of querying just about everything....................
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2nd February 2013, 22:16
Think I'm playing on the wrong sports field. Wonder if there could be a hints list for the neuronally challenged.
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greedy kite

3rd February 2013, 00:13
@ Rosalind: I think those of us who think they have at least nearly finished really are still trying to work out the cryptic bits for themselves first, and as there has been hardly a concrete wish expressed nor anyone willing to express his own ideas, in the tradition of all JEs if I remember rightly,the time is bound to come very soon where everybody will loosen up & exchange ideas more openly. I am very split between two possibilities for the one I now find most mysterious,for instance, but as I find both pretty unsatisfactory & no-one is asking directly, I thought it better to keep quiet at first: after all the puzzle has only been available just 48 hours now. And in any case I think you should feel free to ask what you want: for a long time I found it very hard myself.Does that make sense? Perhaps we are all being too cagey, though. I wonder what others will say now. There has beden relatively little exchange so far to judge anything properly in my opinion.
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3rd February 2013, 07:40
Sorry all
Should have made myself much clearer. I didn't mean spoiler type hints on here, rather that perhaps we could provide a hint with our clues to be published as a drop box list.
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3rd February 2013, 12:14
Just a bump for weekend forum members who may have missed it.
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greedy kite

4th February 2013, 15:21
Nobody interested in JE any longer, Why?
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4th February 2013, 15:24
I don't think that I will make any more progress on the 5 3-letter words that I can't parse (and probably have wrong)!
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4th February 2013, 15:29
Pretty much the same for me Chris - my printout is now in a position where it receives detailed study at least twice a day - don't worry I always wash my hands...
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4th February 2013, 16:01
The solution and wordplay are now on a separate thread.
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5th February 2013, 16:23
Hi all,

Sorry I've not been able to reply to anything, I can only pick up the Wi-fi downstairs in th hotel bar whch is pretty horrendous cus it's always quite busy, can't get it in my room on the third floor so just found a qiet spell to send this to thank AB for helping out with the wordplay files which I have just noticed he has done a monster task and posted the full explanation on a posted thread.. Phew!
Thanks forall getting involve, I will post the soluton and wordplay in file format when I get back at weekend.
I had two great days Sunday & Monday but today was very windy, cold and minimal visibility with many lift systems closed. Not much chance of Vallee Blanche run cus it's rife with avalanche risk fom a spell of rain recently which has upset the whole season with a layer of ice between snowfalls.

I'll most likely pop on here again if I get the chance, but if not, I'll be back on here for late Sat/Sun.

Take care, Les40
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