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22nd January 2013, 21:49
Hi Les,

My reply should be in your inbox.

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22nd January 2013, 22:41
Hi Les
That was a good twist, letting us chose our 3 letter words. Hope no-one's gone really obscure!
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23rd January 2013, 12:17
I'm in Les - been working a lot!
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23rd January 2013, 21:09
Hello all,

Not got back to anyone yet, thing is, I'm full of a cold and my head is hurting from it so will hopefully feed back to all the emails when I feel a tad better. i think I've got emails from nearly all of you now so i'll reply to everyone on the same day soon.

Sorry Paul, you've missed the cut for this JE but you're welcome to get back in next time mate. Hope you'll still be able to enjoy this one when it's published.

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23rd January 2013, 21:11
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Les
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greedy kite

23rd January 2013, 21:22
Take it easy, les -- there's no real hurry.
Hope your Vallée Blanche trip is not endangered!
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23rd January 2013, 21:39

That is an accident waiting to happen. Plus you have not long got your teeth sorted out.

Be careful sweetie.....
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23rd January 2013, 22:41
Echoing pastille and chrise, les

Hope you feel better soon.
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