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17th January 2013, 21:55
Crossed posts Trev!
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17th January 2013, 22:03
Accountant and receptacle, Purser?
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17th January 2013, 22:16
a real shot in the dark but, if it is just things found at sea then
'one causing wreckage' - could be breaker (the type of wave),
and 'boasted' could be swashed ??
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18th January 2013, 11:57
Thanks to everyone who is trying to help. I have solved quite a few but these are the ones I am stuck on. The quiz says "The answers are VESSELS.For example the answer to the clue "kick" would be "punt", which I don't really understand!
Regarding numbering the clues - I have entered each clue on a separate line.

Thanks again everyone. Over to you.
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18th January 2013, 12:29
Cath, if you numbered the clues, it would make it easier giving answers. (saves writing the clue, then the answer) Good luck!
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18th January 2013, 13:19
Ant' s partner dec....deck....but still not a vessel?
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20th January 2013, 13:00

imagcq - I think "one that causes wreckage" might be "destroyer"

Trevor - Thanks v much for "Privateer" and "Deck" - they are both types of vessel, but I can't find any reference to a "Rating" ship or boat.

Bernie - Thanks for "Anchor" (how did I not get that?!) There is indeed a vessel called an "Anchor" boat/ship

Still struggling with

"Accountant and receptacle" - "Purser" has been suggested, which makes sense, but, again, I cannot find reference to it being a type of vessel.

Still looking for the answers to:
"Carpentry is one" - could it be "trade"? as there is such a thing as a "tradeship"

Thanks again to everyone who has helped with this one.

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