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17th January 2013, 14:27

Our other weekly competition for clue setters. The idea (like CLUELESS) is to set a cryptic clue to a given word or phrase, unlike Clueless you will be judged by your peers and not the setter of the clue word.

Multiple entries are welcome. You MUST post a clue for your vote to count. One vote per contestant – please state the post number you are voting for.

The entry with the most qualifying votes wins and sets next week’s PEER REVIEW. In the event of a tie the setter chooses the winner.

There is a (roughly) one day time frame. Your clue must be posted by 4pm Friday, when voting opens. Voting closes at 8pm Friday, with the winner being announced shortly afterwards. If the result is clear prior to the voting deadline it may be announced before 8pm.

The setter donates an online prize. The setter reserves the right to change the rules in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Feel free to include an explanation of your clue just in case solver-voters cannot appreciate your clue.

The word/phrase to be clued this week is


Good Luck!
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17th January 2013, 14:58
From here to...., cute bottom I added after Edward left.(9)
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17th January 2013, 15:31
Borderline malicity? (9)
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greedy kite

17th January 2013, 15:42
Jeff's dad also sang till Kley left for this outlandish place (9)
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17th January 2013, 16:06
Some wood, cut badly, originally out of a faraway place (9)
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17th January 2013, 16:38
I c bum toot boasting about his travels. (9)
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17th January 2013, 17:34
Both cut time of scrambling the f*** out of here (9)
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17th January 2013, 17:35
Mali music and the Specials have this in common.(9)
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17th January 2013, 17:47
Tomb custodian ordered removal of sand to show Saharan settlement (9)
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17th January 2013, 20:48
debate the length, in a far away place (9)
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