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greedy kite

18th January 2013, 20:49
Congratulations, bbm2, thank you, ixion, and ta for the vote, ab!
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18th January 2013, 20:55
Congratulations BBM2 off to watch your prize x
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18th January 2013, 21:14
This week was a right old challenge! Well done to everyone who managed to submit clues.
I suspect ixion was well aware that his chosen word did not exactly lend itself to anagrams or even double definitions ! I began to play with it by adding an "and" to see if it would help, then saw "custodian" emerging and the rest as they say is history ...

I'm delighted to have won and thank Rosalind,mrw,jws,Bullfrog,busby and emrach (sorry but can't remember if you used to be capitalized!) for your votes .

Welcome to busby - where exactly are you?

Finally thanks to ixion for the contest and the prize - Stewart Lee is excellent .
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18th January 2013, 21:20
... one more thing - with the adverse weather forecast I'm not quite sure if I'll be around to post on time next thursday .
So if there's any volunteers to put on the pencil skirt and stilettos and maybe even seductively chew on the ballpoint...
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18th January 2013, 21:21
Hi BBM2, how about I post a clue, then anyone can "google" their answer and see if they can post a bit of info about the place eg,location, population,climate etc. What do you think?
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18th January 2013, 21:24
Excellent idea - go for it !
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18th January 2013, 21:26
Well done BBM2. Welcome to the forum Busby, when I saw your name it reminded me of a colleague I knew years ago who nicknamed his daughter busby after a fictional bird from a British telecom advert. Hope you enjoy yourself.
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18th January 2013, 22:37 obsession with the Specials and ghost town was there is a place in California called Timbuctoo a mining town now considered a Ghost town.... Just saying!!!!!

Oh bugger it ....more wine....x
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18th January 2013, 22:43
Clever girl Pastille just googled it and now I get your clue maybe I will have to bite the bullet and just ask from now on Cheers x
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18th January 2013, 22:45
Congratulaions BBM2, a great subtractive anagram.
I'm sorry, I plan to be away from my computer midday on Thursday but everything depends not only on the weather but also on my having a vehicle, which at present is in hospital. However, I will (reluctantly and temporarily I hope) relinquish my post if someone else volunteers.
I hope it is not considered out of turn for me to suggest we spare a thought for the people of Mali in their current situation.
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