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16th January 2013, 06:51
Hi GK. 11a Is the name of someone who plays Jean in a TV programme called Dinnerladies and 4 down refers to a BBC programme where people write in with their comments concerning BBC programmes. Does this help?
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16th January 2013, 07:16
..Anne Reid - Points of View
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16th January 2013, 07:55
Thanks Chris - I guessed Anne Reid but couldn`t remember when she`d played Jean - thought it might have been in the recent `Last Tango in Halifax` Jazzgirl - someone once told me I look like Judi Dench - I was immensely flattered(tho` he needed glasses) M.
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greedy kite

16th January 2013, 10:20
Thank you, chrisg: that will help a lot!
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16th January 2013, 10:56
Finally managed it late last night. Didn't know phrase for 18a but worked it out. Top right hand corner was last to go for me.
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17th January 2013, 16:55
I am stuck on

1D Restaurant serving up pie etc (9)
14D Token animal restricts etc (9) but I have the same second letter as others ie `D` and I gather that is wrong from earlier comments, as I too had off-side for the across.
15A Dishonestly obtain horse in row (7)
24A Measure sound of fruit (5)

Any help appreciated. Hope you are all free of snow.
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17th January 2013, 17:11
Hello Mondrian, I've just logged in and there you are.
1D Word for an Italian restaurant (pie = tart) anagram
14D Token((see my previous post to wally)
The off-side one should be off-spin
15A "Dishonestly obtain" is the definition. The answer has "nag"(horse) inside a word for rank/row/ etc.
24A Measure is the definition. Sounds like a fruit (green****)

We are expecting heavy snow Friday, so Wellies and shovels at the ready. Keep warm. J
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21st January 2013, 10:14
I'm moving this up as I have only just started and am also finding it tricky - may need to ask for help later!
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21st January 2013, 10:51
I have 20ac, 17d, 19d and 21d left - any hints please?
(I'll add the clues if any non-RT readers ask for them)
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21st January 2013, 10:57
Just 17 and 19 left now.
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