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greedy kite

9th January 2013, 11:55
Thanks, jazzgirl: I got there in the end! I'm getting used to screeching to myself via the ether, then screeching back. Just mildly schizo, you see.
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9th January 2013, 14:35
Hullo all - did anyone else see the coincidence of the answer to 18a - which I had to look up - occuring several times in a documentary about art & the South of France on BBC4 last evening ?
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9th January 2013, 14:48
Yes, devonian. And it was about the first clue I got. Otherwise I am very stuck having found this Xword very difficult. Do we have a new compiler? Will go home now and fill in that admin thing (thanks to your help) It had me stumped along with numerous others.
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9th January 2013, 17:09
I make problems for myself. I was quite convinced that the `uncle` in 4d was Vanya so spent ages trying to fit those letters into a word !
18ac is a favourite - `The Bathers` so it was the first I got (tho` not sure whether to end it with `t` or `m`). Mags.
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10th January 2013, 15:51
Good Afternoon, All. It is good to be back among friends. On Desert Island Discs, the particular dragon in question referred to her self as glamorous or words to that effect. I think she must have been looking at someone else's photograph. It certainly couldn't have been a mirror she was looking into. Am I not nice for saying that?

Anyway, good to be back. Crossword was not too terrible, but there were a couple of words I had not encountered before. Hospital stay was the usual mix of good company, including a young man from Dundee. It is bad enough for us oldies to have strange medical conditions, but it is much worse when the patient is in the prime of his life, facing something unpronounceable and sometimes with no known cure. Having said all that, the atmosphere is never somber(or should that be sombre?)

Best wishes for now.

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10th January 2013, 15:53
Good to see you back on line, pipesmoker. Very best wishes for the New Year.
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10th January 2013, 15:59
Thanks, chrise, and the same to you. I am still doing my best not to be defied by my laptop which makes its own mind up as to where letters should be printed. The net result is that a word may appear in the middle of another word, or it just may not appear at all. The joys of technology.
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10th January 2013, 19:40
The joys of technology!I just had a split-second power cut; it's taken me about 20 minutes to get back here. Glad to see you're bearing up, Pipesmoker. I haven't been on for ages. How's Old Gal? I'm still stuck on 5D and 15A; any clues please?
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10th January 2013, 19:45
5d includes "nine" in Roman numerals.
As mentioned previously, 15a is a double definition - difficult to give more without giving the answer.
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10th January 2013, 19:50
Sorry, I meant 16A, not 15A.
I may give up shortly, computer is on a go-slow and work to rule!
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