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manic mary

10th January 2013, 09:52
Hi have done some of the clues includeing fireplave but have noidea why it changes as tony says . by the last 2 downs do you mean 10 and 17 coz i have a anagram for one of those.P lease can I have some morehelp on how and which change.Am not doing very wellthis week.Thank U
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10th January 2013, 10:03
Hi Mary

Yes I was referring to 10 & 17d
10d watchman should be entered as W MATCH AN
17d violence enter as VI CLONE E

These changes meet the theme of 'mixed doubles'

The clues to be repaired are-
1 ;36
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manic mary

10th January 2013, 12:14
Hi Tony. Thank U very muchfor the answers I would never have thoughtof them on my own.I do find these xwords very hard but i think I am getting a bit better at so meof them.
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10th January 2013, 19:13
Thank you Tony for cofirming the answer to 9 down. I had never heard the use of this word in this context.
Dont go far away since I will probably need you again during the next few weeks.
Happy New Year to you
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