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7th December 2012, 21:49
Bus passes are now issued to people of the age that women have to be to receive the state pension here in UK. I think it's 62 now (and rising).
There are certain restrictions,like not travelling before 9 am.
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7th December 2012, 22:51
Yes, we OAPs can ride on buses for nothing, but only if they have no distance between stops of 15 miles or more. For example, I could go to Cheltenmham for free because although it is about 45 miles away, the bus stops at several places along the route.
You haven't been on a bus since you were a student, aristo?
If you live in London you can go on the tube free as well.
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7th December 2012, 23:29
Hi there Aristophanes
Are you still celebrating or recovering?
I hope that your birthday was a very special day. Did the Providence Majorettes do a special number.
(Have you shelved your Anglican Hymns Quiz)
Now into my 76th and finding it beset with childcare!!!!! so not on the Forum so much and Thingies (Thingy's!!!) a Thing of the past (to the once Phillips regret)
But Finally and Seriously/Truly/Faithfully
Many Happy Returns of the DAY!!!!
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8th December 2012, 00:07
I wasn’t thinking of a quiz. The challenge was going to be to rewrite a Motown lyric in more proper English (for example, “What you want, baby I got it” might become “That which you require, dear, I do indeed possess”) and work it into the metrical pattern of a well-known Anglican hymn (Helmsley, say [“Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending”], which, after all, so easily accommodates lengthily slurred syllables, and hence just about any text). Sounds like fun, nicht wahr? Care to give it a go?

The Providence Majorettes? Must check to see if they exist… Thanks, THEA.
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9th December 2012, 18:03
Sorry Aristo - but it was the only Welsh version of Happy Birthday that I could find on YouTube! Hope you ahd a great day xx
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9th December 2012, 21:19
Not to worry, sallyw. I just assumed it was traditional Welsh attire. :)
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9th December 2012, 21:25
It is - that's why Wales is known as the Land of Thong. If he'd turned round you'd have been able too see the carefully-inserted daffodil...
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9th December 2012, 22:51
Is that because a leek is taken in front?
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10th December 2012, 01:53
@aristo and bullfrog - thank you for making me spit cocoa on my desk - fortunately it missed the keyboard! :)
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10th December 2012, 08:13
The tone has definitely been lowered (and improved!)
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