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mrs trellis

5th December 2012, 09:23
Hi bobs mum - I'm not pleased about the snow as it may put the kibosh on my trip to see the girl today. Re rent etc - although we only pay for 39 weeks in halls (over £5000!!), we have to pay from July to secure a house that she won't be moving into until late Sept/early Oct, so same situation as you. The landlords have got it all sewn up. Double grrr. Have a nice romp in the snow - which seems to be thawing here :-)
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5th December 2012, 10:07

Yup always enjoy a roll in the snow - did make me giggle being mistaken for a dog and not for the first time !!!!

I have a rescue dog who had been so maltreated her fur had fallen out when we got her but four weeks later we had the furiest collie I had ever seen. (she is predominately border collie with spaniel ears) Also have a daft cat who completely rules the roost.

I also have two daughters one of whom went to uni but still lived at home but I often felt if she had been away it would have been a more life learning experience for her. Living in Scotland I was never burdened with Uni fees until she done her Masters which was only for one year - very lucky.

Off to catch my ball and stick before more snow arrives tomorrow Take Care
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5th December 2012, 10:46
Its not snowing here, but its bloody cold.I have 2 older daughters Mrs T neither went to uni. Both are now leading their own lives,full time jobs,full time mums etc.

With the youngest just starting out.It seems to me that its a much nastier world out there now,or is that me getting old? She confides in her mum (my wife) who fortunately is blessed with both intelligence and common sense so that's a plus.Its probably me,now I'm retired from work (OAP next June)I have more time to think about things other than work. When I'm not playing golf that is ha!
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bobs mum

5th December 2012, 11:02
No mrw its not u getting old, it really is a cut throat world out there. When i left school with a v small clutch of CSE's (remember them) finding a job was easy nowadays it seems to be nigh on impossible. Our neighbor's girl applied for a part time position in a well know high street shop. She had 6 rounds of interviews assessments and an all day workshop before being told she had not got the job. One of the applicants had a Masters and was studying for a phd !!! Hopefully things will pick up. What will yr daughter be studying?

Hope mrst got off alright today it is starting to thaw here, our dog loved it this morning he's had a right ol romp drying out now on the lounge carpet. Only animal people will understand that lol
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bobs mum

5th December 2012, 11:06
sorry emrach forgot to say -- well done with the collie, it's nice to hear good stories for a change-- giggled at the thought of u chasing the ball--and rolling in the snow
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5th December 2012, 14:16
Hi Bobsmum I left school at 15 before Cse's. I had no qualifications,joined the Army as a boy soldier continued my education and learnt a trade.I joined man's service 3yrs later with 5 O level's and a trade qualification. My baby wants to study music technology. I think most of my fear revolves around the people she will meet especially boys, she is too nice a person sometimes.Just wait until she brings one home! I'll take him to my shed and show him my collection of chainsaws.Ha Ha
I don't know what I will do if she brings home a girl.
She already knows what the job market is like this time last year she had a Saturday job in a local independent clothes shop,shortly after xmas they let her go couldn't afford to keep her and it had taken months to get that job. She now has a job at Paultons Park a theme park for younger children. She's had her eyes opened there as to how rude people can be.
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mrs trellis

5th December 2012, 19:34
Hi all, nice to be back in the warm after a chilly trip to the seaside - but lovely to see my wee lassie even though I'm now worried as she's homesick again. I think the end of term is so near yet so far, and she's ready for some home comforts.
You guys are right, it is a very different world from our youth when there was work for all who wanted it and we didn't have these unbelievable debts. Oh well. Mrw, I'm sure your girl will be fine - we forget what we got up to at their age, and survived. Or perhaps we don't forget and that's the problem!
Emrach, I too have had several rescue dogs and they've been wonderful. For various reasons our latest wasn't a rescue and he's a nightmare (much as we love him).
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5th December 2012, 19:56
I truly don't know how students face these huge debts, especially knowing how rare jobs are.
I'm hoping to be able to help my grandchildren go to uni, if they want to.
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5th December 2012, 20:21
Hi all....

Feel really sorry for the youngsters just now, no jobs, crippling cost for uni and a depressing vibe from our government.

Speak soon.....x
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5th December 2012, 20:21
It is so difficult to know what is best for young people these days. As I said my eldest spent 6 years at uni - finishing with a master's - and now works in a call centre. My youngest left school at 16 - though she didn't tell me - found a job within two weeks and now at 22 hasn't looked back. Earning , has a car, holidays etc and is enjoying life. I hasten to add I am really proud of both of them.
On a more positive note we are at least able to offer choices to our children and grand children.
Regarding bringing boys home I kill them with kindness respect the mum and all that.
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