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mrs trellis

4th December 2012, 06:51
Hi bm, we haven't chatted in a while - how's your girly getting on at uni now? I hope she's a bit happier. And how's the big fella? I just saw your chat with emrach, so hope he gets more snow to play with soon (but not too much!)
:-) mrs t
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4th December 2012, 07:32
Excuse me for dropping in Mrs T but I think you will find that emrach is, to put it in her words 100% woman. Peer review 49 post 57.
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bobs mum

4th December 2012, 09:25
Hi mrs t,

We r all well thanks. The girl is much happier now and has settled down to some serious studying --- she loves living in London but still gets shocked at how much things cost there hubby and i seem to be heamoraging money. We r popping up to London this weekend to see the lights and go skating in Hyde park, we will stay with our son and have a meal with them Saturday night.

The big lad is fine, he is really getting good at his agility classes and his trainer is talking about him competing in local shows in the New Year---he loves the work out and it really helps with his obedience as he must concentrate whilst going round. He is also very tired after and loves having a v long snooze in front of the fire.

We r having a quiet Christmas this year at home which i am really looking forward to -- son and hubby have even offered to cook lunch!!!

How's all with you and yours?

r u going to have a go at the joint effort complied by Les40--it is great fun. x

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mrs trellis

4th December 2012, 18:29
Hi mrw - you're very welcome to join our chat, and I can see why you thought I was referring to emrach as 'he' - but actually I was talking about bobs mum's German Shepherd! But who knows, perhaps emrach enjoys a roll in the snow too :-)
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mrs trellis

4th December 2012, 18:36
Hi Bobs mum, so glad the lassie is happier now, it's horrible when they're not isn't it? Mine too is enjoying uni life now and I'm off to see her tomorrow. She comes home on the 11th for 6 weeks anyway - £9000 tuition plus £5000 accommodation well spent I'd say. Grrrrrr
Great about your gsd doing so well - our youngest is a complete psycho - but we're having him 'done' tomorrow so that might help. It'll teach him a lesson anyway!
Hope you have a great time in London, it sounds wonderful. I'm still trying to find time to join in the JE - I haven't even been able to do Clue Chain recently, which I miss. Maybe after Christmas.......... x
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4th December 2012, 18:37
Hello lovely Ladies.....nice to see a bit of persiflage.

If there are no objections I may join you later...

Toodle pip....x
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mrs trellis

4th December 2012, 18:42
Hi pastille, always welcome - I'm sure we'll all be dipping in & out (I have a thrilling committee meeting tonight so won't be here later this evening). Hope you're well - I hear you've been busy with a new business venture - is it anything you can tell us about?
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4th December 2012, 23:02
Mrs T I'm mortified and extremely embarrassed thank you for being so understanding. Also thank you for the invite.
We used to have a yellow Labrador dog called Bodger and an Irish setter bitch called Jolie who loved the outdoors sadly we no longer have them and are reduced to a rescue cat called Leo at the moment.
I do have an interest in the topic you are talking about. My youngest daughter is 4 weeks away from her 18th birthday and currently doing her A levels at a college in the new forest. She is looking to go to Uni in Sept next year and it scares the hell out of me.
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mrs trellis

5th December 2012, 06:26
Hi mrw, no need whatsoever to feel embarrassed, I'm always doing that sort of thing! There are a few of us on this forum in similar position re children and uni, it's nice to share experiences. Also a fair few of us are dog-lovers :-)
You say your youngest is planning uni - have you had others go? If so, hopefully you'll know that it's not as bad as you fear. I actually found the first one going far worse than the younger one, which really surprised me. Hope you're keeping warm.
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bobs mum

5th December 2012, 09:05
Morning guys,

Well i was not expecting that when i got up -- SNOW very pretty, looking forward to putting the wellies on and going out in a while. Welcome to the chat mrw mrs t and i found ourselves in the same boat earlier this year with dogs and daughters.
Mrs t i know what u mean re rent/fees for accommodation. My girls uni does not offer halls of residence so we went for flat sharing option -- the rub is that we have to pay rent for the full contract year. She leaves London after the first year next July and we have to pay till the 1st of October - as u say Grrrrr

I missed the weather last night on tv so really was a great surprise this morning - just going to check if there,s more on the way.
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