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19th November 2012, 18:08
Bump for others to see and download.
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19th November 2012, 18:32
Cheers AB
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bobs mum

19th November 2012, 19:27
Hi Les,

The brains of the family and i r just over half way, we r going to have another go this evening i may e-mail u for some hints--- really enjoying this, thanks
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20th November 2012, 04:13
Les, I've spotted a fairly major error involving my 44a! The word I clued is 11 letters not 10 but I think there is a spelling error which we we both missed. The 3rd letter shouldn't be there! My clue accounts for it's existence however, which will no doubt cause much head scratching among solvers. D'oh!
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20th November 2012, 07:31
Thanks for that, lionheart - it was one of the "not quite understood the parsing" ones for me! I assume that the word you clued had two Hs.
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20th November 2012, 09:10
Same here - I could see what you meant, but the clue doesn't quite work!
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20th November 2012, 11:23

Oh dear! I completely missed that one myself and I actually commented on the 'Dieback victim' part when we fed back via emails.

As long as people now know that you have actually clued for an extra 'H' in the third letter position but it doesn't have an extra 'H'
I would guess that quite a lot of folks would pronounce this word with a 'H' there anyway and also think it was spelt with one too.

Thanks for bringing that to the attention of me and the others Lionheart.
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20th November 2012, 13:15
It's a silly word anyway ;)

Sorry for the confusion folks!
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22nd November 2012, 21:24
Good evening to all the Joint Effort Solvers.
I was wondering when would be a good time to publish the Solution & wordplay file.

Has everyone had a good go at it now, if so, then I'll post them or do you want me to leave it a little longer.

I'll leave this message with you all until tomorrow and if the general consensus is to post, then I will do tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed it. Les40
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23rd November 2012, 11:00
Not going to have time to even start this till Sunday; don't want to hold others up with waiting for the answer though. Just wont click on it!
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