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4th October 2012, 07:40
RE post 17 - DOH!!! I'm really sorry guys - my only excuse is that it was past my bedtime. I was, of course, trying to fit in the other word from the expression.
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4th October 2012, 09:21
Just 21ac and 22dn left, though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the others are wrong, as I can't parse them

Many apologies again for my boo-boo last night.
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4th October 2012, 12:01
Don't worry Chris,
The reason I mentioned it was that the word left out with a question mark is also 6 letters and I thought, Oh no!, he's gonna put that word in and that would have really sent you down the wrong road in that corner for the other answers, I suppose you would have realised eventually though.
I'm off to college now and will be home late tonight, so if you only have a few small question marks with your last couple of clues, then send me an email and i will try to shed some clarity on them tonight when I get home.
I certainly know what it's like when you've battled with a grid and then just can't seem to get over the last hurdle, it happened to me last night with the Harper's to which aristo kindly shed the clarity for me.

Enjoy the day, Les40
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4th October 2012, 12:14
I'm a bit shocked I got all of ixion's first. Were you being kind this month?
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bobs mum

4th October 2012, 14:19
i'm struggling -- wow u lot r brainy, i'm seriously impressed. Will leave it now and look again later with fresh eyes.
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greedy kite

4th October 2012, 16:37
Couldn't resist & just finished after all, I think!Some tough ones there, though!
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4th October 2012, 16:52
Well, like the Master of Wit and Repartee, I now have an answer for everything. Time will tell if they are correct!
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5th October 2012, 21:50
Some great clues but also quite a few ?s this month. Will reserve judgement on medal winners until wordplay file is available. Great fun, as always.
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6th October 2012, 00:20
Finally finished, though stumped for wordplay in one case, last two were 23a(aristo) and 34d(peterm), both rather sneaky in there different ways.
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6th October 2012, 01:22
Finally finished with the same last two as ixion, 34 being an answer that I had, and rejected, yesterday!
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