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2nd October 2012, 20:29
I have a possible continuous path but it's not at all convincing. The path from (T**) goes round the top of one of the other thematic objects (L*****) in a curve and then down between that object and another one (F***) before ending at the start of a third one (H*******). It all looks a bit messy. Can anyone confirm whether they agree with this interpretation?
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2nd October 2012, 22:42
Any clue why non of can help you?

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5th October 2012, 06:54
Can anyone confirm that the bridge at 37Ac is "Bay"? I originally has "Bayou".
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5th October 2012, 12:53
Sorry unclued, I have a complete grid but am hopelessly lost as regards the end game. I initially didn't come up with 'BAY' but had 'TUNNEL' instead. Tunnel bridges I know do exist but is not in BRB!! Cannot make any sense of the continuous path that is reqd. Anything connected with a Eulerian path?
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5th October 2012, 18:28
The tunnel is the hidden method of making the solution possible. Without it there would never be a complete way round. Therefore you don't count the tunnel as a bridge - clever eh? Good luck!
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5th October 2012, 23:25
Unclued, clever as you say ! Still a long way to go, and Listener 4210 imminent so time is a factor! Thanks all the same.
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6th October 2012, 11:26
Im giving up, I just cant find a way round
assuming tay,london,foot,humpback,toll,pontoon,bay,tunnel are correct.
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6th October 2012, 13:04
I don't think it's possible without crossing at all. I wonder if we're just banned from crossing on the thematic items, and from going back over them. The wikipedia analysis of the original puzzle reduces the problem to nodes (points) and connections between them ("edges"). The nodes are points (zero dimensional), hence the notion of "crossing" there doesn't arise.
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6th October 2012, 18:39
I started at London and went via the tunnel to Tay, Humpback, Bay, Pontoon, Foot and Toll in thaqt order. Does anyone else agree?
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6th October 2012, 19:36
The stuff in the preamble about lines being drawn from the CENTRE of cells at either end of the thematic items is there to allow a little bit of jiggery-pokery on the island. The original problem was not solvable with an odd number of items, so Merlin's additional crossing makes it an even number. You have to start ON the island, because the direction of travel on the items means you have to come off it three times and onto it twice. The finish has to cost you money, or there's no way to get to the harbour. You will need to put a curve or a kink in your line to get from the Scottish item, around the top of the one that is now in the USA, under the pedestrian one to the top of Quasimodo. I go CAPITAL, BORE, SILVERY, (2 TWISTS & TURNS) RICHARD III, HERB, CARD GAME, 12 INCHES.
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