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14th October 2009, 22:33
71. ….. the cheat was exposed in a pair of ladies’ crocodile shoes! (6)

This clue is driving me crazy and its the last one I have to do. I know in a previous thread it was hinted that the answer is made up of 6 consecutive letters in the clue but after spending hours trying various combinations I'm none the wiser. Could someone please point met in the right direction!
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14th October 2009, 22:36
It begins with ................... wait for it ..................................... E
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14th October 2009, 22:49
Got it - but i must say not the easiest word find.
Many thanks Mostyn for pointing me in the right direction. I can now get my entry in the post.
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the joker

14th October 2009, 22:58
Am I the only one fed up with the thread "Thoroughly Bad Lot"?
It seems to have taken over this CROSSWORD help forum,and even more annoyingly there are almost 20 different threads.
As has already been suggested,it would be helpful if everyone would post under the original thread,which in fact is easier and less trouble to do.
In addition it appears to have introduced an unpleasant element which has not ever been a feature of this friendly and often very witty site.Yes I will name you Flossie.
A bad tempered,
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14th October 2009, 23:14
The Joker,
Try and look at it from Flossie's point of view. How would you feel if you got high marks in an exam through your own hard work, but everybody else got 100% without answering one question themself. Wouldn't you think the "winner" should hang their head in shame.
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the joker

14th October 2009, 23:31
Using your argument in defence of Flossie,and extending it then this site should be closed.
I agree that it is wrong for people to ask for solutions for every question in a quiz,but the vast majority of people ask only for the odd answer to complete the puzzle.
It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to have been of some help when I am able.
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14th October 2009, 23:34
I am a little disheartened at the way this quiz seems to have become dominant on here.
I won`t however agree with flossie as I think the word cheat is despicable in this context.
I like to help if I can, but haven`t finished yet myself.

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14th October 2009, 23:51
I tried to set out (what I think is) Flossie's view without using the word cheat.
My own view is that I cannot see the point of entering a quiz if you are not prepared to make a bit of an effort yourself. What possible satisfaction can there be in getting others to provide most of the answers.
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15th October 2009, 00:01
Well I agree to a point , the quiz has been out a couple of months so maybe some have spent a while rather than asking straight away. I have 32 on the go, so no one particular quiz dominates really and I often send them back partly done or with silly guesses. I was not accusing you of using the word cheat though.

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the joker

15th October 2009, 00:05
I think that we are all singing from the same hymn book here.What really annoyed me here(and also others),was the use of the word CHEATS by Flossie.
Let us hope that if she has further comments to make then she perhaps can moderate her language just a little.
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