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26th November 2008, 14:51
Can anyone let me know if there are any UK onine cryptic crossword sites - have found plenty that are "how to solve cryptics" but now need some practice. Also need info about crossword referece lists. Thanks
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royston bowden

26th November 2008, 14:57

In Smiths and other bookshops you can find Big books of cryptics from the DT and Times (with the answers in the back too!). Bloomsbury do a nice (xmas presi?) collection of lists, anagram finder etc in a boxed set. No doubt others will give more advice but the beauty of the books is you tave them and a biro anywhere, no PC needed!

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jerry smith

26th November 2008, 15:19
Further to Royston's comments and recommendations
Chambers Crossword Completer is ver useful for
a novice,and Chambers Dictionary is a must in
my opinion (for what that is worth!)
All good luck,
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royston bowden

26th November 2008, 15:28

Jerry mentions the Chambers (Complete and unabridged) and I agree it is invaluable. Mine is less than a year old and already falling to bits!


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26th November 2008, 17:19
hi Poppy,
try the site below, it gives you links to a whole load of puzzle sites:
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26th November 2008, 21:09
My own site ( ) has free interactive and printable crosswords, a forum to discuss all things crossword related, a daily solving guide for the Telegraph cryptic and a links page to other crossword sites.
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andy s

26th November 2008, 21:38
Boaz's daily explanations for the Telegraph crossowrd are excellent, especially for beginners and improvers.
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27th November 2008, 09:50
I agree with Royston. The Big Books are terrific value, and although they don't explain answers you can always visit the forum for help. I prefer pen and paper to online; my Big Books have travelled the world! I find the Telegraph to be more purely cryptic: the Times' literary and Latin references leave me cold.
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27th November 2008, 10:02
Thanks everyone for your advice. I will get cracking today. No doubt I will be back for help with solving the clues.
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