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e10 rifle

7th October 2009, 18:52
apologies-didnt realise there were other discussions on this subject elsewhere in the forum.Is there any way to find them quickly or do I need to go through all threads individually?
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7th October 2009, 19:07
18 Vile wretch planned crimes against a conservation charity(9)
Anag of six letter word in clue + abbrevation for a national countryside body. - the whole is another word for a vile wretch.

28 Threaten and complain if the food is canned or pickled(5,4)
word for threaten + word for complain - answer is a bit meaty.

59 Ronald took part in a crooked deal with the robber(7)]
abbreviation of given name inside anagram of a four letter word in the clue. - gives a word meaning a robber or a pirate

82 Criminal to display such dirty armour before the Queen (11)
Word meaning dirty + word for type of armour + abbreviation for queen. - Think Letterman

Hope these clues help.
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7th October 2009, 19:18
They worked for me ! lol
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