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14th August 2009, 01:13
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the joker

14th August 2009, 04:16
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14th August 2009, 12:28
Hi, Joker,
That is another new word for me, to go along with redaction, which seems to be in vogue at the moment and which I had not come across previously. Shows that this site serves not only the original questioner, but us "interested by-standers" as well.
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big dave

14th August 2009, 13:58
The term particularly applies to books, where the copies left over from the print run are sold at a reduced price. It is the ultimate indignity for an author!
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the joker

14th August 2009, 14:56
ColinE and Big Dave
I must admit I had qualms about using this word but it seemed to fit as the answer so well.
Seems you can take the noun,turn it into a verb and make it past tense. What is the world coming to?
Kind regards
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14th August 2009, 17:02
There's a poem by Clive James all about remaindering:
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18th August 2009, 12:29
Thanks a million to Joker for the answer to my crossword clue -remaindered-, and to all who sent additional helpful info. Had been scratching my head for a long time over that one and submitted my request more in hope than in expectation as I'd never used this site before. Thanks again. M
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the joker

18th August 2009, 13:11
Hi Harrhy
Many thanks for your link to the poem by Clive James,which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
All I can say is that if the word REMAINDERED is good enough for Clive James then who am I to have doubts.
Many thanks
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