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27th July 2011, 00:22

Don't be put off.

You will get used to the humour...Terry as per usual is being smutty.

Humour him...he's harmless and can be very amusing.

Love bridies... eh want twa, eh pleen en ananinginaneana.

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27th July 2011, 00:27
And I like your name...clever!
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terry as was

27th July 2011, 00:29
yep. and so clean he could eat his dinner off it. er, come to think of it.......
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27th July 2011, 00:51
did somebody mention dinner?
i'll have the seafood platter please? oh! and a pink gin.
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27th July 2011, 07:05
I must admit, I find cunninglinguist to be a bit of a mouthful!!
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27th July 2011, 11:13
LOL and thanks to all, I think we are going to get along just fine.
I'd love a bridie myself but am some distance from Forfar these days.
I wish I could claim my name as my own original but alas I have Miss Moneypenny to thank for it. Happy solving all, I am having my brain mashed by Araucaria this morning.
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