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28th June 2009, 16:35
Thanks everybody for your help

I have settled on TRAP for 15A and MALE for 17A
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29th June 2009, 10:59
Why Male?
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29th June 2009, 11:58
I've seen DAVE suggested for this elsewhere..

D for 500 and AVE for 4 down, the answer to which is NONDESCRIPT
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29th June 2009, 17:40
Yes, I think both DAVE and MALE are possibles but they are both a bit tenuous !
I have settled for MALE - created = MADE swapping 50 (L) for D (504 down)

I am not impressed with the compilers clues - I usually find myself putting in an answer without being able to explain it ! - I wish he would explain this one to me !!
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30th June 2009, 00:00
To be perfectly honest I think the clues in the Express skeleton crossword are consistently dreadful
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30th June 2009, 01:49
I've been trying to work out why AVE = NONDESCRIPT. I've just twigged that it's an abbreviation of AVERAGE.

(Insert little smiley thing of me hitting myself on the forehead)
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30th June 2009, 02:03
He created, being 504 down.
If it is Dave then, why the "created, being" part of the clue?
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