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polly dee

21st May 2009, 14:34
I have three questions left that I would appreciate some help with.
15. A car part for the whole of 1960
29. The very first test drawing involved who ?
50. First serving on television
Many thanks in advance.
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the joker

21st May 2009, 17:33
Re the 1st- A few days ago I thought the answer was STARTER which I posted along with my reasoning. It can be found by you if you look back.
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21st May 2009, 17:41
I have bumper for car part, but maybe wrong.
the very first test drawinginvolved Australia and West Indies who tied the Brisbane tesy in 1960.
First colour serving of television was 1967.

I am still trying to get 'Each had 24 top 40 hits this decade' . Cant come up with any exactness though Bob Dylan comes near. What do you have?
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21st May 2009, 22:34
re 24 hits in top 40

The beatles if you add up all the beatles hits as a group then add the solo hits............

Re test drawing
What about the girl who was the test page drawing - with the scary clown thingy?

good luck
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21st May 2009, 22:50
re Suesans suggestion, the 1st COLOUR test card, with the scary clown thingy, this from wikipedia

"The central image on the card shows an eight-year-old girl, Carole Hersee, playing noughts and crosses with a clown doll, Bubbles the Clown, surrounded by various greyscales and colour test signals needed to ensure a correct picture. It was first broadcast on 2 July 1967 (the day after the first colour pictures appeared to the public on television) on BBC2."
It was a bit creepy/scarey

re 24 top 40 hits (I presume it is UK) my money would be on Beatles and Elvis (total guess).
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22nd May 2009, 09:22
The problem with the question regarding 24 - and it's a specific number - Top 40 Hits is finding which artists had EXACTLY 24 hits!

Armed with the Guinness Book of Hit Singles, I thought, at first, that the Beatles had had 24 hits until I looked in the righthand column and found that 'My Bonnie' only reached 48 - 24 became 23.

Now, take The Shadows [yes, the good old Shadows]. They had 25 records which reached the Top 40 BUT 'Kon-Tiki' appears twice because it reached the Top 40 as a re-entry in late '61. If you discount the re-entry, then you have the 'magical' 24!

Elvis and Cliff both had way in excess of 24 hits each; Bob Dylan had merely 11. It may amaze you learn that Buddy Holly, who died in 1959, had 13 Top 40 hits in the '60s, one of which - 'What To Do' - appears twice, in 1961 and 1963.

In short, I am none the wiser!
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22nd May 2009, 13:50
Could no. 50, FIRST SERVING ON TELEVISION, be the first colour transmisstion of Wimbledon, which was in 1967?
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22nd May 2009, 14:20
I think that Campanilla's Wimbledon is a better answer than the test card
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22nd May 2009, 19:01
I had colour TV, but I now think (too late) it is probably Wimbledon.

I think this has been a good quiz which has had a lot of on line comments and helped stimulate many people. I hope it makes those spoilsports, (only one or two) who dont like people giving answers, stop their appalling rants!!
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22nd May 2009, 20:43
To be honest Chris, I think this forum has sort-of died on its ass.
It seems a lot less fun (and a lot less busy).
I think some people can rightly claim that they have made it a much more functional utility/resource, - which I guess it was set up to be.
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