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11th May 2009, 18:31
Well i could be accused of being from the other place (though am a true nomad really) and contrary to popular belief, we do not all have two heads, LOL
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11th May 2009, 21:37
Mr Griffin,
I haven't appointed myself spokesman. I merely wanted to make it clear that I thought your "summary" was largely nonsense and just an excuse to again ram your own opinions down our throats.

If you have been using this site for as long as you imply I am surprised you are not aware of the recent debate about the need for posters to give the clue,number of letters and any letters they have. It got quite heated but I think it fair to say that most people now comply. A classic instance of common sense prevailing. Of course, a few people just won't comply - and they never will.

It would be nice if posters gave a succinct heading. Most give a reasonable (or very good)one. Some don't and they never will. This is true for quizzes and crosswords. Your comments about not having the time to deal with quiz questions rather gives your true feelings away. If you don't want to answer quiz questions,fine. But I suppose it must be rather tedious to have to occasionally click the mouse again before you are contaminated; but time consuming?

I could go on,but I will content myself to repeat that I believe there is no majority in favour of introducing guidelines/rules. By the way, it was me who first mentioned the need for common sense. common sense rather than stupid rules.
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mr griffin

12th May 2009, 09:27
Hi Terry. Despite your criticism of my summary, I think we both want the same thing - use of common sense by people posting queries. However I think you are right that there will always be some people will not do this. I am going to follow Jerry's sensible advice above and ignore everything that isn't clearly labelled as a crossword query.
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12th May 2009, 15:25
Mr Griffin,
I think you are right.
In an ideal world what you have suggested makes perfect sense and it might just work on a subscription site. On this site however it won't. Most people soon realise that it is very much in their own interests to give as much relevant information as possible. But there will always be a few who don't. The only real solution to this I feel is to refuse to provide answers until they do. You then have a new problem. How do you stop people giving them answers. Should you even try.

This site works pretty well as it is. It would be a shame to spoil it trying to impose rules that simply won't work.
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13th May 2009, 08:34
I am an infrequent user having discovered this site about six months ago, but here's my tupennyworth...
Would it be too difficult to add another forum with a separate link in the menu bar above which says 'Quiz Help Forum' which keeps it all separate?
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