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mr griffin

10th May 2009, 16:47
My summary of recent comments about this forum are as follows:-
1. I do not believe that anybody has said they want to exclude any type of discussion from this forum.
2. Most people would like to see posters using common sense to describe their request in the Subject Box. This would mean that people who want to help with quizzes can do so and those who want to help only with crossword can ignore these posts.
3. Similarly, those who post crossword questions need to include all the information they have, not just to ask for the answer to 23 across in crossword DT1234, etc.
Surely such guidelines would benefit everybody and would enable the right people to find the questions they want to help with.

For information, Ash set up this forum almost exactly a year ago to the day. Below is a copy of his objectives:-

Ash Young
After a long discussion at Crossword Solver HQ we've made a few changes to the site. These includes:

- A new interface for the quicksolve which is hopefully easier to use
- A new tool to allow all the clever people to submit missing words
- A brand new forum created especially for you for crossword related discussions and problems

So please take a look around and enjoy!
Posted: 13th May 2008, 07:55

At that time this was a site exclusively for crossword help. However the Forum has now evolved over the last few months to be mainly for answers to charity quizzes. These could still be defined as crossword-related as per Ash's objectives but not all of us have time to read through every post or answer quiz questions. Even Big Dave said this morning that he had seen enough charity quizzes over the last few weeks to last a lifetime.
Anyway, let's keep this forum the informative and friendly site it has always been, make it easier to use the bits each of us wants to and not take offence if somebody suggest an improvement.
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john (from arran)

10th May 2009, 19:45
Well said Mr Griffin. Perhaps Ash could be persuaded to add either a sticky post at the top of the forum or on the front page with advice to new posters on the best way to get a sensible answer.
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10th May 2009, 20:04
I think I can sum up a bit more succinctly:

Most people don't want to change anything.
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10th May 2009, 20:25
Sounds fair enough to me, it is basically saying use common sense.
Still not sure it is woth doing tho, but hats off to Mr Griffin who is always very clear and polite.
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mr griffin

11th May 2009, 16:18
Hi terry. I think it's fine that YOU don't want to change anything on this forum, but I don't think you can speak for "most people". I certainly can't remember you being elected as "spokesperson for the forum".
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11th May 2009, 17:29
Ha-Ha,spoke too soon eh?
I think that people are more likely to write in if they want to change things.

I also think, that from the people who have expressed an opinion,there are (maybe not a huge amount, but still) more who want to leave things as they are.
If such a thing as the silent majority exists then add them to these.
I doubt guidelines will make much difference anyway.
May I be the 1st to nominate terry for spokesperson.
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geordie kermit

11th May 2009, 18:13
Hi guys,

I certainly don't use this forum enough to warrant my opinion being listened too that closely......but.... I would agree that a list of guidelines is usually the best option. After that, you really need volunteer moderators that have power to gently remind (!) people of the guidelines if they are broken...and to delete/moderate posts that are offensive or inciteful.

Whilst we are gauging opinion....I would just like to agree that subject titles are helpful if they are succinct..... and another irritation (for me) is when there are numerous (well, 2 or 3!) threads about the same crossword puzzle. It wouldn't take people more than a brief glance to check that "Times 1234" isn't already being discussed. If it is, I think it is best to add a query about once of the clues on the bottom of that, than create a separate stream. there !
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geordie kermit

11th May 2009, 18:15
*one of the clues
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11th May 2009, 18:24
I am very fond of this site,and am of the opinion
that if you want to find out some information,you
look for the crossword and it's number and ignore
everything else.
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mr griffin

11th May 2009, 18:27
Hi Geordie Kermit. I have seen you using this forum for a long time - longer than many of the people criticising those who want to improve things for everyone by using common sense. Therefore your opinion is worth listening to. However you face being criticised and accused of being from the other place - and I don't mean Sunderland.
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