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10th May 2009, 18:53
Suesan, please don't apologise, absolutely no need. The mnoaners are in such a minority they have to keep changing their names and using different ones to try and make out that there are hordes of them, which there are not. The last time we went through this we had such names as "Gina", "Gina for President", Tina-for-president" etc. etc., none of whom ever posted a thread or even attempted to answer a question. But then at least they did the decent thing and disappeared into the void, as the next few will undoubtedly do. So keep asking the questions if you have any, isn't that the reason we keep coming back to this site?

Kind regards,
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10th May 2009, 18:58
Thanks you campanilla

Much appreciated and I will return with other stumpers as and when I need also to answer others

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