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10th May 2009, 14:48
Its a crossword forum
I agree with that and an excellent one it was for sharing answers and ideas and helping people learn

Giving answers to charity quizzes which are not CROSSWORDS and are so easy isnt helping anyone learn anything
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so i disagree

10th May 2009, 14:58
This site largely isn't about just giving answers, but hints and help towards answers. That way we all learn something and whether is's a crossword or a quiz is irrelevant.
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10th May 2009, 15:08
well shut up and go away then, it's obviously upsetting you and you have made it very clear that you consider yourself too clever to learn anything here.
I for one learn some small fact or another most times I visit, even if it is by googling a question to get an answer for someone else, which you probably frown upon.
I honestly wish you well, but i can't be bothered to reply to you anymore, so farewell and best wishes. TREVOR

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10th May 2009, 15:23
May I suggest you look through some of the rainbow quiz questions on here then because that is my point people are not giving clues they are giving answers without any explanations in most cases
And that goes for all the other charity quiz questions
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styx lawyer

10th May 2009, 15:56
Errrm, "replytosoidisagree" is the fifth or sixth pseudonym you have used in this thread alone. What are you trying to hide? Ideally we should just be providing hints, but some of the requests don't favour that approach. There are many on here who are very helpful with hints rather than just answers, but some who appear to be simply seeking the Brownie points. This forum is what it is - take it or leave it. If this was a standard forum I would be asking the moderators to close this thread as it's going round in circles, but unfortunately this isn't possible.
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10th May 2009, 16:02
Happy to close it - I've made my point
Just hope that maybe some of it makes sense to someone and clues start to appear
as for the names its just to prove what an odd way it is to run a forum when you can be anybody!
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10th May 2009, 18:10
Once again many thanks for the help on answering this question - my last one on the sheet

I would like to point out that as the show it comes from was shown almost a decade before I was born I really doubt I would have been able to find that one

I did try google and kept getting Alexander Haig - Im sorry for forgetting to put the number of letters it was a simple omission on my part

As for all the other gripers on here - sorry to have bothered you but I have tried and I wanted to finish this quiz that I have had for quite a number of weeks and I mistakenly thought I was on a help forum and not answerbank which it appears the same bores have trundled over from

many thanks

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10th May 2009, 18:53
Suesan, please don't apologise, absolutely no need. The mnoaners are in such a minority they have to keep changing their names and using different ones to try and make out that there are hordes of them, which there are not. The last time we went through this we had such names as "Gina", "Gina for President", Tina-for-president" etc. etc., none of whom ever posted a thread or even attempted to answer a question. But then at least they did the decent thing and disappeared into the void, as the next few will undoubtedly do. So keep asking the questions if you have any, isn't that the reason we keep coming back to this site?

Kind regards,
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10th May 2009, 18:58
Thanks you campanilla

Much appreciated and I will return with other stumpers as and when I need also to answer others

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