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5th August 2022, 18:01

Welcome to Clueless, our informal weekly clue setting competition. The idea is to compose a cryptic clue to a given word or phrase.

The winner of the previous week's competition both sets the word to be clued and judges the entries for the current week. The judge's decision is final and reasons may or may not be given at the judge's discretion. It is customary for the judge to donate a virtual prize to the winner.

Multiple entries may be submitted and new competitors are particularly welcome. Feel free to give an explanation if you think it might help.

Clues should be submitted by 8:00 pm (UK time) on Wednesday August 10th.

Today's challenge:


Best of luck!
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5th August 2022, 18:03
[Next Monday evening or Tuesday morning would be more usual, pedagogue! Would you prefer to ask people to wait, or leave the competition open until next Wednesday?]
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5th August 2022, 18:04
Sorry, folks! Posted too early - admin- could you delete, please?
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5th August 2022, 18:05
Brain fart! Is it possible to have the post deleted?
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5th August 2022, 18:11
Pedagogue, you can use the “report this post” link to send a message to Norah to ask her to kindly delete the thread if you wish
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