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21st April 2009, 18:12
On Alan's query about this crossword, I printed a
copy off and may have finished it;however I am not
sure about 9d April load?Not all(4) I have put INST
for this but don't see the load connection.
15a Backward Lord in annual intake for private
school(6) I have RADLE? in so far,is is RADLET or
am I completely wrong somewhere?
Any help will gratefully received.
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21st April 2009, 18:41
install = load. not all = inst (this month)
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21st April 2009, 18:59
The answer is probably RADLEY (a famous public school) which better fits the clue.
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21st April 2009, 19:04
Hi Jerry,

That's quick ! I'm only about a third done on this. I agree with INST but I'd suggest RADLEY for 15a (not that I even had an answer for that, so thanks !).

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21st April 2009, 19:39
Thanks everybody,
I must confess I had not heard of Radley,but it
does make sense as year & ld make it.
Thanks all,
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