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20th April 2009, 16:26
Bonjour Jerry,

I have finished but cannot understand wordplay of 25A - pearl. Remind me of the young sea-trout and the penny mightdrop. There are so many words for young trout and salmon!!!!

Have a good day,
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20th April 2009, 17:15
Bonjour M.Robert,
I too have entered PEARL,a par a youngster of a lot
of different types of fish,I have to admit I got
the bulk of the answer by default,as one does with
this puzzle! Incidentally,I emailed Paul McKenna
recently,he is NOT a hypnotist.
Bon chance mon ami,
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20th April 2009, 17:45
Thanks Jerry,

Still do not understand it but I am sure we have to be right!!! I can see par (thanks) but not sure where the "e" comes from or the "l"

Till the next time!!!Au revoir,

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big dave

20th April 2009, 19:46

I may have been one of those who mentioned the "other site". and, if so, then Trevor is correct.

You can get answers a lot quicker there than anywhere else but, as Trevor says, it can be very unfriendly. Some of the people answering seem to be in some ridiculous race to see how quickly they can answer as many questions as possible. The result is that you get very short replies and limited help on the wordplay.

Having said that, I "met" two of the people who help on my blog on there, so it isn't all bad.

The Mephisto puzzles are blogged on Times for the Times, but always a week behind (after the closing date). They could help with anything that is still puzzling you a week later!
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20th April 2009, 20:16
Hi Dave,
Thank you for the info,I will peruse Times for the
Times,I looked at the site Trevor mentioned and
decided it is "not my bag" as they say.
Best wishes,
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20th April 2009, 22:40
Hi guys and bonsoir from France...

This is my last week (for a while) of getting the ST at great expense and a day late.

As seems to be my norm, I think I have finished all bar one - in this case 36a. I have RE?TE? and RENTER seems to contain rook, knight and our Queen together with 'T' as the heart of match. However there is a spare E and no clear link with ne plus ultra, so perhaps I'm just 'confus' as they say over here.

Any help will be gratefully received...
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21st April 2009, 08:56
Hi Alan,
Have only just seen your post,the answer I think is
RITTER which is an archaic German knight.31d ends in
I have noted before with PMcK setting the link twixt
clue and answer are a leap of faith.
Best wishes,Jerry
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21st April 2009, 09:08
I never explained that properly,R rook, IT is the
ne plus ultra,T the heart of match ER queen.
Only just surfaced; nicotine and caffeine help get
brain into gear.
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21st April 2009, 16:02
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the two replies - particularly the second one ! I was thrown off-course by having TUBE instead of TABI. I thought the logic was reasonable by PMcK standards - (inner) tubes are blown/pumped up and tubes are a type of sock.

I also have PEARL, which looks as though it should be PERL 'outside' A. This would be good if PERL was a young sea-trout. Of course, PARR and PEEL are young sea-trout, so maybe we need to combine words when doing leaps of faith !

On a different tack - do you ever tackle the AZED. I completed 1924 last week and have just started 1925. No wonder I sleep well these days...

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