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20th November 2010, 16:49
1. Take the surname of a record breaking sportsman very famously in the headlines a few months ago, and INSERT A VOWEL. You now have a word that is particularly associated with a certain type of animal. Name the animal.

2. Take the name of a Charles Chaplin character in one of his best known films and ALTER ONE LETTER. You now have the character name of the principal "baddie" in which even more famous film?
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20th November 2010, 22:03
These are not 'word play conundrums but questions from the latest GBQ quiz and contestants know that questions from it shouldn't be asked on sites like these. Please abide by the setter's request. To do the work yourself is more satisfying. Also this is a crossword help forum not a quiz help forum.
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23rd November 2010, 00:33
I agree with ????, Helen. Do whatever it is, yourself. I know the Chaplin character, too.
Good luck!
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cherry b

28th November 2010, 11:01
You could at least give us a clue to the Charlie Chaplin character, then we can carry on searching from there.
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