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17th April 2009, 12:51
Please can anyone help with the following? I'm a crptic beginner trying to get better!
25. Ulster may depend on one (4,6)
30, One hundred and fifty points to the right mark for the holder (11)
36. For a starter easy opening clue was revised and left with obscure ending (737. Smell returns in untidy drawer holding the ship's sails (8)
Many thanks.
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17th April 2009, 13:30
25) Look up Ulster in your dictionary - type of clothing - the answer is something you would put it on.
30) One hundred (Roman numeral) AND Fifty (Roman numeral)+ two points (Compass) + mark placed on a correct answer (by a teacher for instance)
36) Anagram of E + CLUE + L + E (A type of soup bowl)
37) Anagram of "DRAWER" + two letters referring to "lack of personal freshness"!!
Hope these help! Regards.
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17th April 2009, 13:41
That's great. Many thanks for explaining the breakdown of clues.
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